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The ascended lady master Meta serves on the fifth ray (the green ray) of healing, science and truth. She is the daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, hierarchs of the planet Venus. She accompanied her father to earth when he came to assist the evolutions of this planet.


On Atlantis she served in the healing temple and nourished the focus of the healing flame that is now in the etheric realm over New England.

In her final embodiment she lived in Persia with her twin flame and their three children, one of whom was Cha Ara. Although her twin flame passed on and ascended in a succeeding embodiment, Meta and their three children sustained life in the same physical bodies for several hundred years before making their ascension in that life.

Following her ascension

Since then, Meta has taught the science of healing and the use of the light rays in precipitation in the etheric cities, where she has also consecrated temples of healing. Those who study there between embodiments have the opportunity to draw upon her momentum of healing and to use the instruction received when they next embody as scientists, doctors or spiritual healers.

Meta served under the chohan of the fifth ray and then assumed that office when her teacher, who was a cosmic being, went on to cosmic service. After having held this position for several thousand years, she recently transferred the responsibilities of the office to Hilarion; thus, she was able to return with Sanat Kumara to Venus in 1956.

Her service today

In a dictation given December 30, 1974, the ascended master Hilarion told us that Meta had volunteered to tarry with earth’s evolutions. He said: “Meta, then, will occupy etheric levels of the atmosphere of the planet, serving in the various healing temples. Her assignment is to minister to the needs of children.” He said that Meta would be at hand to help mothers and fathers with problems with their children and to heal the minds of children from harmful influences. She is assisted by priestesses of the sacred fire who have tended the flame of healing for thousands of years and who will come to the bedside of children in answer to our call.

Meta works with all the healing masters and the angelic hosts. She carries in her consciousness the immaculate concept, the pure and perfect crystal design for every child on earth and those coming into embodiment.

Hilarion recommended that we appeal to Meta to transfer the crystal matrix for our children. He said:

You can call for the healing thoughtform and the crystal of the immaculate concept to be anchored in their etheric bodies, even now in this very moment. Each day call upon Meta, and you will see how your children will preserve the crystal clarity of the consciousness of God that they had upon entering the world scene.[1]

Students may also call upon Meta for assistance in the clarification of Truth, the definition of Reality and the exposure of false concepts that are set forth in the name of Truth.

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