Yule log

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The Yule log of Sanat Kumara commemorates the return to the fire of Christhood, of threefold selfhood returning to humanity the hope of immortality.

The Ancient of Days brought the light to earth to rekindle the threefold flame in the hearts of her people. And so, every year at Winter Solstice (the time of Christmas) for thousands of years the Ancient of Days would light the Yule log.

In primitive times that great fire that burned would be there as the source of physical fire to the people, and they would journey from all over to come to that flame and to carry that fire back. It was one of the earliest rituals and celebrations of the light.

The celebration of the Yule log is a very ancient tradition that continues to this day in commemoration of the coming of Sanat Kumara. Understanding its origin, we see that the real Yule log is the flame that burns at Shamballa, the city that was built by those who came with Sanat Kumara for the keeping of that flame.

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