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Mother of the World, Nicholas Roerich (1924)

The highest representative of the feminine ray on earth is she who attains to the office of Mother of the World, or the World Mother. The one selected by the Lords of Karma and the Lord of the World as the representative of the World Mother to the earth wears the crown of the World Mother—a crown of twelve stars—and holds her scepter of authority, keeping the flame of the immaculate concept on behalf of all evolving upon the earth. “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Rev. 12)

The highest representative of the masculine ray of God on earth is he who holds the office of Lord of the World, who must have attained the fullness of the Buddhic enlightenment on the path of initiation.

Agni Yoga teachings

The Mother of the World, like the eternal Mother, is a timeless office in hierarchy of one empowered by the Father to give birth to the Buddhas. In the Agni Yoga teachings, the Mother of the World is the matriarch and initiator of the hierarchy of spiritual beings involved with this planet. She is also the spiritual mother of all the Christed Ones and Buddhas throughout history.

Helena Roerich, amanuensis for El Morya, has proclaimed the great mission of the Mother of the World in this age. In the 1920s she began releasing the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood through the teachings of Agni Yoga. In her book Mother of the World, Helena Roerich describes the Mother of the World as “the Great Spirit of the Feminine Principle” who sometimes appears personally in the incarnations of the avatars who are “impregnated by her Ray.”[1]

From times immemorial the Mother of the World has sent forth to achievement. In the history of humanity, Her Hand traces an unbreakable thread.

On Sinai Her Voice rang out. She assumed the image of Kali. She was at the basis of the cults of Isis and Ishtar. After Atlantis, when a blow was inflicted upon the cult of the spirit, the Mother of the World began to weave a new thread, which will now begin to radiate.

After Atlantis the Mother of the World veiled Her Face and forbade the pronouncement of Her Name until the hour of the constellations should strike. She has manifested Herself only partly. Never has She manifested herself on a planetary scale.... The old world rejected the Mother of the World, but the New World begins to perceive her lustrous veil.[2]

To Nicholas Roerich, husband of Helena Roerich and also a messenger of the ascended masters, the Mother of the World was the highest symbol of world unity, the most universal of all the great teachers. He painted her many times throughout his career. She was often depicted with her eyes covered or veiled by a blue veil, signifying certain mysteries of the universe not yet to be revealed to man.

The Mother of the World no longer veiled

In this time, the Mother of the World is no longer hidden but is manifesting herself on a planetary scale. She is seeking her children and desires to rescue them from the burdens that beset them. The culture of the Mother is the culture that existed on the golden-age civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Now is the moment when we must come apart to restore the true culture of America, which is the culture of the Mother of the World.

The Mother of the World has said:

I am in adoration of the Son, for I am Mother. I am in the heart of the lily of thy soul, and I am in the heart of life’s goal. I am in the center of the oneness of thy flame, O child of my heart.

I am everywhere and nowhere. Come and find me. I am the light of Mother that sweeps in the billowing clouds, hiding and peeping through the trees and the singing of the birds.

I am in your dearest dream and your highest purpose. And I am with you as you rake over the coals and the dying embers of a former state seeking to find therein a comfort that is not there. For the comfort of thy heart is in ever reaching toward my heart, there to discover with mounting wings as eagle flight your own soul’s delight reaching ever, ever into the new personality of thy Self. It is God—the eternal comfort, the person of thy life—ever reaching, ever striving, ever excelling and accelerating.

There is the necessary friction of worlds being born as they rush through a cosmos. And the fire of burning is the passing through of the elements that no longer may be as they were, for in the acceleration is the ever new perception of thyself higher and higher, a manifest person of God. I come to renew the Mother flame in earth in you.[3]

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