Adam and Eve

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Adam and Eve may refer to:

  • Man and woman before the Fall

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Adam and Eve are symbolical of the average man and woman living on Lemuria during the epoch of the Fall of man. They represent the entire lifewave of the fourth root race on Lemuria. Saint Germain explains:

The Fall of man, which is explained in the allegory of Adam and Eve, was the gradual descent of the consciousness of many sons and daughters of God from a level of God Self-awareness through the immaculate vision of the all-seeing eye to the plane of duality and the relative awareness of good and evil. Gradually mankind’s energies descended from the upper chakras to the lower chakras, and thus, Adam and Eve were typical of the evolutions living in the last days of Lemuria who had compromised the sacredness of the altar of God and begun the misuse of the sacred fire for the gratification of the senses and carnal desire. In this manner, consciousness of death and sin entered the race. Therefore, it was first by the few and then by the many that paradise was lost.[1]

  • Twin flames, initiates in the Mystery School of Lord Maitreya, the Garden of Eden

See Garden of Eden.

  • Concept in Kabbalah of the original archetype of man

See Adam Kadmon.

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