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Alpha is the highest manifestation of God in the Great Central Sun. His complement is Omega, the personification of the God flame as Mother. John the Beloved spoke of them in Revelation as “The Beginning and the Ending.” Together they focus the beginning and the ending of all cycles of life. They rule in the center of the Hub in the City Foursquare and preside directly over the twelve hierarchies of the Sun.

To the evolutions of this system of worlds, Alpha and Omega represent the Father-Mother God in the heart of the Great Central Sun, on the first and seventh rays respectively. These twin flames are the highest known individualization of the masculine and feminine polarity of the Deity.

Alpha is the personification of the God flame as Father in the core of consciousness we call life. Alpha has said:

As we have declared: Within your hearts and your minds will we write our law.[1] The Law of God, the Law of adoration is reflected in the words “I AM.” For I, Alpha, am the one who signifies the source, the numeral 1, and the word “I.” Omega, my beloved, represents the “AM” and is therefore called “Ah-m-ega.”

I/Amega—the beginning and the ending[2]—declare that the pulsating lifewaves by which the entire cosmos is created are a boon to sharing our love with all systems of worlds and binding them together in a great divine unity of eternal happiness and solicitude.[3]

Although Alpha and Omega are the highest-ranking members of the hierarchy in our universe, they are also the most humble. Their flame is represented in the forget-me-not, for they are the most humble of all manifestations of the Godhead and, therefore, the most worthy to rule.

Calling to them

El Morya asked us to call on Alpha and Omega when we give our decrees:

I AM Omega! I AM Alpha where I stand! May you also declare this eternal Truth! And when you have declared this eternal Truth then offer your fiat of victory. For when you declare I AM Alpha, I AM Omega! I AM Omega, I AM Alpha where I stand and then give your decree you will see that Alpha and Omega in the person of Almighty God in you will give forth the Word and the fiat for the transformation of worlds, for the involution and evolution of worlds, for the turning of this earth inside out and upside down.[4]

Mother Mary has said:

Remember, then, when you give your invocations, to include the name of Alpha and Omega as the authority of the call, and you will feel the influx of light, of energy, to augment that which is already multiplied by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.[5]

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