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Behind the culture, history and religion of America lies the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood; for by the unseen hand and the very specific guidance of the ascended masters, America was born, her independence was declared, her constitution written. America is the land created as a repository of freedom that millions of souls might realize their potential to become one with God.

From its discovery in 1492, America—her culture, her history and her religion—has been carved out of the lines of a cosmic destiny. Not that any man or any nation can be considered the center of a universe—but that the purpose to which that man and that nation are called may affect the destiny of millions of souls in this and other systems of worlds. America was chosen by the hierarchy of the cosmos known as the Great White Brotherhood to be that nation where the blueprint of the divine mandala of each and every nation would be fulfilled.

America’s place in the destiny of the cosmos comes to the fore under the influence of the hierarchy of Aquarius. It is the place where the Cosmic Virgin enshrines the flame of freedom not in temples made with hands, but upon the altar of the hearts of a people. Drawn from every nation, from every lifewave and evolution, the American people are chosen as the standard-bearers of an age—not by the favoritism of an anthropomorphic God, but by the choice of a free will God-ordained. The elect of the Lord are those who elect to be the instruments of the Lord.

The Motherland come again

America is the Motherland come again. Founded by the Brotherhood on the matrix of the original thirteen of Christ and his apostles, it is the fulfillment of the destinies of the peoples of Lemuria and Atlantis, of ancient Greece and Rome, of the golden ages of China and India, of Egypt and Europe. To America the pilgrims of freedom have marched. Over four centuries they have journeyed to the place prepared in the wilderness for the coming of the Woman clothed with the Sun and the birth of her Divine Manchild.[1]

America is the place of the rise of the feminine potential of man and woman. It is the place of creativity—aspiration and inspiration engendering the rise of the God consciousness in all. It is the place where freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble provide the foundation for the individual pursuit of cosmic consciousness.

Because that consciousness can be attained only through the disciplines and initiations of the Christ and the Buddha, because it can be attained only when the soul is truly free to follow the course of her inner destiny, America was founded by the ascended masters as a place secure, protected—a land of abundant resources and opportunity, a land where the forum of the greatest souls of the ages would one day produce the greatest science and the greatest religion of all time and space.

In order for the soul to attain cosmic consciousness, it must become the Mother. Where there is life, where there is joy, where there is self-discipline in creativity, where there is love and freedom, there is the Mother ray activating the soul to self-awareness. There is the Mother ray giving birth to the Christ and the Buddha that is the real identity of every man, woman and child.

The fate of the nation

America is an experiment of the Great White Brotherhood. No psychological or astrological predictions determine her fate. There is nothing automatic about the fulfillment of a cosmic destiny. America is simply opportunity, the gift of freedom, like the gift of free will, in the hands and the hearts of a peculiar people. If indeed there is to be a cosmic destiny forged and won on this continent, it will be because this people have made the work of the ages their own.

If America can prove the law that is the foundation of her life, it will mean that every nation and every world and every system of worlds can do the same. Thus by individual effort do men and nations carve a cosmic destiny.

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