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Fragment from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

[Ancient Egyptian ka, meaning uncertain, variously translated as “soul,” “spirit” or “double”] The emotional body when separated from the physical body and ungoverned by the conscious discriminating Christ mind (as in the sleep state or after death).

The astral ka can make karma for us

Jesus has spoken about the astral ka:

It is important to remember the counsel of the Great White Brotherhood to “let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”[1]

What does this mean, my children?

My children, when you have an argument on the playground and you are angry at this one and that one, apologize to those you have wronged, call on the law of forgiveness for them and yourselves, and be certain that you kneel in prayer before you retire and ask God to forgive you and all whom you have injured. Do not go to sleep until you have invoked the violet flame to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of the incident. Be certain to send love to self-styled enemies as well as to friends who may have been out of line in their interchanges with you. Forgive and forgive again, beloved, for this is the way of the Masters.

You cannot afford to lose ground on your spiritual path by allowing any part of your being to be unresolved with me. For I AM your Lord and Saviour, and I dwell in the hearts of your friends and your enemies.

The saying “Let not the sun go down upon your wrath” is a warning to all that if you go to sleep at night harboring anger toward friend or foe, your astral sheath (known as the ka, or astral ka) may wander about making mischief while you sleep, and sleep on. When you awaken you will have no knowledge or memory of the doings of your ka, yet you will be karmically accountable for the deeds of an uncontrolled anger.

So ere the sun set and you retire at night, make your peace with God and man. This is especially important for those who desire to make their ascension in this life. Therefore, do not make bad karma waking or sleeping. To accomplish this you must maintain God-control at all levels of consciousness.[2]

The astral ka after death

Sanat Kumara speaks of the importance of cremation for consuming the astral ka after death:

Citizens of earth, we deplore the death consciousness on which you have seemed to thrive after the fashion of the black magicians who would destroy you alive—destroy your souls in hell while leaving your bodies to walk the streets of physical cities and astral planes. Saints of God, this is a serious matter! For the whole Matter vehicle of this evolution must be cleared. And the ancient practices of the Egyptian cult of the dead must give way to the culture of Life that leads to the ascension.

Therefore go forth and teach the people to place the body on ice, dry or otherwise, two days and two nights. And on the third day, the commemoration of the Resurrection is the invocation of the resurrection flame. Whether on funeral pyre or in a modern crematorium, let the physical fire pass through the body that is untouched; for both flesh and blood must be intact; and embalming is forbidden by the Brotherhood of Luxor.

This method is safe and sane and healthy for all and allows the soul the freedom from all earthly ties as the four lower vehicles are demagnetized simultaneously by the physical fire and the spiritual fire, and the soul, as the winged symbol of the ka,[3] takes flight with the flying Eagle to pursue the initiations of the Mother in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

In this way, the demons have no prey and the vultures no flesh and blood. And the astral sheath, itself consumed by the physical/spiritual fire, may not roam the earth, a ghost of the former self. The astral hordes that would devour the coils of Light are themselves put to flight. For the soul has clean escaped the mortal round and is heard singing, heavenbound.[4]

Thus, it is essential to use the fire element in cremation at the transition of death so that there is a demagnetization of the cells of the body of the Light that they contain. If you have walked this earth and your body is filled with Light, that Light needs to be taken up into the higher permanent vehicles. If it is left in the cells of the body, the cells of the blood, as it is left when the body is buried, then astral entities may come and steal that Light. And these are the real grave robbers. They steal from the body the Light that you have garnered in your entire spiritual path. Sometimes that Light is cumulative from many lifetimes. The fire releases that Light from the cells and atoms and enables it to return to the Holy Christ Self.

So also the astral ka, a double of oneself, can go out and do harm in one’s name, thereby creating karma for the soul, even though she is not part of that shell any longer. And once she enters the etheric octave or her lawful place, she will not even be conscious of what that ka is doing, therefore cannot exercise any control and restraint over its actions. It is important that the ka also be consigned to the spiritual fire, which is why a memorial service and a prayer vigil must be kept for one who has passed until the soul is free.


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