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Bronze sculpture of Brahma (Cambodia, late 12th – early 13th century)

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva of the Hindu Trinity parallel the western concept of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—the eternal Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. Brahma embodies the divine desire that inspired the creation of the world. Vishnu conveys mercy and virtue to sustain the world. Shiva represents the sacred fire that destroys evil.

Brahma, as the Father figure and the First Person of the Trinity, is seen as the Immense Being—the Creator, Supreme Ruler, Lawgiver, Sustainer and Source of All Knowledge. Brahma is Godly omnipotence incarnate. His divine complement, or shakti, is Sarasvati, the active principle of Brahma. These divine lovers exemplify the masculine and feminine embodiment of the cosmic force.

The Maha Chohan speaks of the universal presence of Brahma with us:

Beloved ones, understand the mystery of Brahma within your heart, the great Lawgiver, the living principle of the Father, the person in the figure of the one who has the great God-mastery of the four quadrants of being. That Father whom you call Brahma is indeed the very blue plume of power within your heart. And therefore, when you say “O Lord Brahma, come forth,” beloved ones, the Lord Brahma of the universe will come forth from within your heart, from within the heart of Helios and Vesta, Alpha to Omega, and every son and daughter of God both ascended and unascended. Understand the meaning, then, of the very person of God....

Understand, O blessed hearts, that that Brahma unto whom you give your call and your devotion is both an energy, a consciousness, a spirit and the living, dancing, moving image of the Hindu deity. So when you say “Brahma,” the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood will answer your call in the full power of cosmic omnipotence. Do not consider that the word I use, “cosmic omnipotence,” is merely a word that you cannot comprehend. But begin to extend your flame, the flame within your heart, out, out, out into dimensions of magnitude and begin to sense the great sphere of God’s being within you extending, contacting the earth, the air, scraping as it were the very sky or head and beyond and beyond.[1]

Beloved Brahma has spoken of his desire to be with us:

O beloved of the Creator, I AM come for one purpose this day. For I AM the lowering of myself, the Great God Self, into levels of being one by one, into the waiting chalices of millions who look to the dawn of their union with Brahma.

I come, then, to anchor by Word, by vibration of my spoken Word (resonating in this plane through the messenger) my heralding to many that I AM available unto you even as you have made yourselves available unto me.

I descend to the levels of purification to which you have attained, to the levels of love—profound and dignified love, love that is the immersing of being in the totality of God.

Thus, throughout the earth I AM everywhere, known in form yet formless. I descend, then, for I come for the harvest of souls of light and I may now occupy heart chalices upraised until the fullness of that light is manifest....

So, my little ones, so, my precious souls, so, my sons and daughters, come into the arms of Brahma and know me as the figure of one who creates and re-creates and re-creates so that the whole of creation is in that process of being born again and reborn and reborn until the fullness of being is discovered—and the fullness of purpose of a blade of grass, of the tiniest elemental, of an angel, of a star is made known.[2]

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