Christ Self

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The individualized focus of “the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.”[1] The Universal Christ individualized as the true identity of the soul; the Real Self of every man, woman, and child to which the soul must rise. The Christ Self is the mediator between a man and his God. He is a man’s own personal Teacher, Master, and Prophet who officiates as High Priest before the altar of the Holy of Holies (I AM Presence) of every man’s temple made without hands.

The advent of the universal awareness of the Christ Self in God’s people on earth is foretold by the prophets as the descent of THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS,[2] also called the BRANCH,[3] in the Universal Age at hand. When one achieves the fullness of soul-identification with the Christ Self, he is called a Christed, or anointed, one, and the Son of God is seen shining through the Son of man.

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