Crown chakra

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The crown chakra

The golden-yellow chakra of 972 petals located at the crown of the head. It is associated with the second ray and the expression of illumination, wisdom, self-knowledge, understanding, humility, open-mindedness and cosmic consciousness. It is also called the thousand-petaled chakra, from the Sanskrit Sahasrāra, meaning “thousand-fold.”

The goal of self-mastery in time and space is the flowering of the “thousand-petaled lotus” of the crown. It is in the crown that man and woman are destined to know God through the mind of his Son. When we attain to that crown consciousness, true wisdom is known. The firing of the crown with wisdom creates a magnet that draws the energies of the Mother up from the base of the spine, up through each of the successive chakras, which are the centers of our God-awareness. The enlightenment of the Buddha and of the Christ that comes with the release of the golden yellow fire of the crown chakra is the experience of knowing all things without being tutored or taught. our awareness then includes that which is contained in the mind of God.

In the Eastern religious tradition the yogi strives to experience Illumination and Samadhi through the activation of the crown chakra. This is accomplished through various methods (such as yogic techniques, spiritual disciplines, intense love for God). Once the crown chakra has been penetrated by the rising sacred fire, a “nectarlike essence” or “Elixir of Enlightenment” flows down into all the lower chakras.

Summarizing this principle, Arthur Avalon writes:

The Siva Samhita says: “When, by the grace of the Guru, the slumbering Kundalini [the Life-force, or Mother energy, latent in the base-of-the-spine chakra] wakes up, it is then that the lotuses [chakras] are penetrated, and the knots (of karma) untied.”... Being thus awakened, Kundalini enters the great road to liberation ... and penetrating the centers one by one, ascends to the Sahasrāra [crown chakra], and there coming in blissful communion with the Lord of Lords, again descends down through the same passage to the Mūlādhāra [base] Chakra. Nectar is said to flow from such communion.[1]

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