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The I AM Presence, which holds the pattern of the Real Self; a powerful replica of an ascended master, the fullness of his tangible light body, which can be focalized in time and space within the aura of a disciple. A devotee who calls to an ascended master, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, may be blessed with his Electronic Presence.

Invoking the Electronic Presence of a master

As sons and daughters of God, knowing the science of the spoken Word and of the wielding of that two-edged sword, we know, because God has told us this, that we may invoke the presence of any angel or master or cosmic being and have that presence placed over us.

This is an exact duplicate of the being of the master, electronic in nature, to the very level of electrons. Therefore Jesus Christ can place his presence over anyone, over a million people at once, over everyone upon the planet and beyond. And everyone may thereby be standing in the living presence of Jesus Christ.

Sanat Kumara explains:

Every ascended master who has passed the initiation of the Lamb, whereby all power in heaven and in earth is given unto him, may, at will, transfer to his unascended chela his “Holy Spirit”—the replica of his Godhood called the Electronic Presence. This overshadowing Presence of the ascended master is the mantle transferred to the chela in increments by initiation on the Ruby Ray until the multiplication of the ascended master’s consciousness within his chela becomes the fullness of his Spirit.[1]

A dispensation from Mother Mary

Mother Mary has invited us to call for the masters’ Electronic Presence over us as we sleep:

If you could but reach out your hand and touch mine! You can almost feel that there is very little between us, beloved ones. Very little is the line between the angelic hosts and mankind. As you give your prayers, as you are in your beds at night, realize that simply by a touch, by a thought, by a point of light, we are in your presence.

And if you will ask, beloved ones, that the Electronic Presence of the master of your choice be superimposed over your form before you go to sleep at night, you will find that throughout the hours of rest, all of the momentums of light of that ascended being can be absorbed into your consciousness, into your four lower bodies by the power of the electrode upon the spine—the ascending and descending currents of God that formulate the magnetic forcefield which is the focus of the great cycles of infinity within your very own Presence.

Realize what this can mean for you, beloved ones! Ere you go to sleep at night, if you say, “Beloved Father, beloved Jesus the Christ, send me the Electronic Presence of yourself, and let that duplicate of your image rest over me and through me and in me while my body sleeps,” you will waken, then, with the Spirit of the resurrection flame within you as Christ awakened on Easter morning. And you will find that within you, you have the full pulsation of that mighty flame that is his full-gathered momentum of the victory of the ascension currents.

Do you see what this can mean to you, beloved ones, if systematically you make a list for yourself of all the known members of the hierarchy and then each night call to a different master, make supplication to the flame on which he serves, and then ask that that be imbibed by you? You will find that you will be prepared, then, to go forth as teachers, ministers and preachers of the Word and that you will be given mighty assistance that otherwise might take many generations for you to develop through your own inner training and through simply the application to your own heart flame without the assistance of the momentum of the beings of light.

Will you do this with me this year, each of the three hundred sixty-five days that are to come? Will you do this, beloved ones? Stand and pledge yourselves to the light, and realize that as your Cosmic Mother I will amplify whatever calls you make. For I am pledging myself this year, as part of my dedication unto mankind, that every call that is made in my name shall have the full-gathered momentum of my service and even more. A special dispensation has been given to me by the great Karmic Board whereby I may assist the lifestreams of this earth. And so, beloved ones, those of you who know to make the call in my name, amplify the power of that flame and let it be released through all mankind. For in his Spirit is the victory of the light.[2]

Lanello’s Presence

In Lanello’s first public dictation, just two months after his ascension, he offered to place his Electronic Presence with us:

I am as near as the breath that you breathe. And there is nowhere that you can go that I am not, for I have projected an Electronic Presence of myself to each one of you who will receive me. As Jesus wrote, “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward.”[3] My reward is the ascension! My reward is light! And if you receive me as a prophet of your ascension, then you can have my Electronic Presence walking next to you, and I will wear my own blue cape. And they will say, “Look at those twins walking down the street.” For you will look like me and I will look like you, and who will say who is ascended and who is unascended? For did they not have a little moment of trouble in discerning the difference between Jesus and his disciples?


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 15, 1986.

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