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Energy-veil; the veil of misqualified energy that man imposes upon Matter through his misuse of the sacred fire; maya, illusion.

Evil when capitalized refers to Absolute Evil as the antithesis of Absolute Good. When lowercased it refers to relative good and evil, the day-to-day rising and falling of patterns of human error that can be transmuted by the power of Absolute Good—God.

Absolute Evil, embodied by fallen angels, is the state of those who declared war against Almighty God, his Christ and his offspring in the Great Rebellion, who have not ceased their warfare against the seed of the Divine Mother, will not bend the knee before the Light and will be defeated in Armageddon by the LORD’s Judgment through his hosts—the forces of Absolute Good, God-identified in heaven and earth.

The consciousness of relative good and evil, embodied by lifestreams moving against the current of God’s will, is the consequence of the freewill experiment adopted by souls who chose to descend in plane and consciousness below the level and frequency of the Christ Mind.

As a consequence of the victory of Light over Darkness, souls who have lost the Edenic bliss may be saved from all evil and the Evil One by conscious freewill election in Christ to return to his reign under the Law of God.

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