Flaming Yod

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Andromeda, nearest galaxy to our own. The White-Fire Core is clearly seen in this image taken by UV light.

The White-Fire Core of our galaxy.

The going out and coming in of planets, of suns, of solar and star systems from the center of our galaxy is comparable to the release of electrons through the fission and fusion of atoms. The earth that we live on is an “electron” that leaped from the heart of the sun in response to the Great Command. Our solar system is an “atom” whose sun-nucleus came forth from the center of the galaxy, “the Flaming Yod,” another focus where Spirit becomes Matter and Matter becomes Spirit by the process that scientists describe as nuclear transformation.

Going one step further, we shall see that even our galaxy is an electron that went forth from the very center of life along with billions of other galaxies now revolving around the core of cosmos, the very heart of God Self-expression. This flaming center of God’s Being is most reverently called “the Hub.”


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