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Concentration of sacred fire released, the creative Light/Energy that is released in response to the spoken Word; the mysterious electric power of cosmic consciousness, the impelling vital force, which when called into action by divine fiat, moves the evolutions of a universe, a galactic or solar system, or a single human being from the beginning to the completion of a mission. The infinite supreme force behind all subsidiary forces.

El Morya explains:

Fohatic keys, blessed ones, are molecular formulae that are used for a particular release of the energies of the chakras. These energies, when coded in certain manifestations, can bring to pass in the Matter plane any form of manifestation, any intensity of the seven rays for a specific action or challenge.[1]

Omri-Tas gives further instruction on the use of fohat:

The white-fire core of each and every flame is the fohat. And the release of that fire for the creation and the uncreation of matter is accomplished by those who become masters of the sacred fire by practice, by exercising the flame and the decree, and by absolute unselfed love.

Absolute God-Love complemented by Wisdom and the perfect devotion to the Will of God is the key to your adeptship which, I tell you, you can gain by this diligence in the exercise of the science of the spoken Word, being mindful of all other requirements of the balancing of the threefold flame. And you will find that until you step from the outer periphery of the flame to its white fire core, your own Holy Christ Self does stand in the center and will release in answer to your call as much of that fohat as the Law will allow, as much as it is safe for you to have in your aura, given your present attainment.[2]


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