Golden age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis

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The ascended masters have revealed that Jesus reigned as emperor and high priest over a golden-age civilization on Atlantis that lasted two thousand years, from 34,550 B.C. until 32,550 B.C. This age was seventeen ages previous to our own, and it was under the sign of Cancer. Jesus was born in 33,050 B.C. and began his reign in 33,000 B.C. after the golden age had been in progress for over 1,500 years. His consort was his twin flame, whom we know as the ascended lady master Magda. They ruled because they were the highest representatives of God in embodiment in that civilization. All the people of this civilization knew and accepted God’s will. Jesus and Magda did not have to impose any rules on the people because they were all in attunement with their Divine Source.

However, after Jesus had reigned for 450 years, the seeds of corruption were sown by one called Xenos, who was chief counsellor to the emperor. Finally Xenos convinced the people to revolt against the government (personified in Jesus) because the government was supposedly not supporting them. Xenos took over as leader of the government. Jesus Christ, Magda and two million loyal subjects (20 percent of the people) went to the land that later was to become Suern—India including Arabia. Half of them made their ascension at that time; the other half have continued to evolve on earth until today.

On Atlantis, the once golden-age civilization gradually descended into barbarism as the people, imperceptibly to themselves, grew dense and insensitive to life. Looting and anarchy prevailed to the point where even Xenos lost control. Over time the cities disappeared and crumbled. Barbarism reigned on Atlantis from 30,000 B.C. to 16,000 B.C., when the great civilization of Poseid arose.

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