Holding the balance of light in the earth

From TSL Encyclopedia

To gather the sacred fire around the coil of being and to expand it in the aura through prayers, decrees, mantras and meditation—holiness and harmony. This white light, as the energy of God, gains momentum through constancy of devotion, becoming the magnet and the vessel for the individual attainment and self-mastery of God self-realized. This Light is, then, more than the energy of God: it is the Higher Consciousness of God whereby one is becoming the integrated personality in God—the awareness of self in and as the embodiment of the Christ Self.

This is achieved in the daily exercise of putting on the garment of the Lord until, by the light-emanation of the Word and Work of the Lord, the soul, tracing the ray back to the Source, is become that Source. In this capacity she is no longer a child of God but a mature Son of God—truly the Sun of the I AM THAT I AM in radiant manifestation. This is the alchemical marriage and the crystallization of the God Flame.

It is, then, by becoming the full incarnation of the Light, or Christ consciousness, that one ultimately holds the balance in the earth of the light (energy of God) and the Light (his consciousness). Hence the distinction between the terms light and Light is that when lowercased, light refers to the energy of God magnetized by the soul through many lifetimes of weaving the Deathless Solar Body. When uppercased, Light denotes the Christ, the Word self-realized. In order for the Lightbearers—those who bear the Light of the Christ consciousness—to hold the balance of the light/Light in the earth they must be pursuing the parallel goals of invoking the “light,” as the universal radiance and energy of God, and becoming the “Light,” as the embodied Christ, by a disciplined path of discipleship under the Lord Jesus Christ and the ascended masters.

The path of the ascended masters is essential to the achievement of both goals. Only thus can the earth be saved.


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