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Idolatry is assigning to another the God flame that is within oneself and then worshiping that other in the place of worshiping the flame within. Idolatry is attachment to the form of the one who has mastered God and mastered the Christ. (Of course it may also be the elevation of antiChrist in another proportionately as one has elevated his own ego in himself.)

Attachment to the form, the worship of that form, deprives us individually of that God-mastery. So we find that the adulterous generation[1] is the compromise of the sacred fire and its misuses in the chakras. We find that the idolatrous generation is turning over our responsibility of freedom to others, whether it be to Jesus Christ or Henry Kissinger. Turning it over to another is entering into idolatry.

El Morya has spoken of challenging idolatry in his embodiment as Abraham:

Therefore, beloved, I am called Abraham, the Friend of God.[2] I invite you to become friends of God, to cast down your idols, even as I did cast down the idols of Terah, my father.[3] I did dare to challenge anyone who did not place himself under the one God and the one LORD.

Therefore, cast down your idols! I speak to all and every one of you who come from near and afar. The idolatry of the human person and the human self cannot stand in the day of the mighty lamp of God! Know, then, the power of the Light, sacred-fire intensity within the furnace, beloved.

Therefore the sacred fire is available, but it is not accessible to you when you are in a state of idolatry of any human person or any personality, including the personality of an Ascended Master. It is to the Light that you bow and to the Universal Light. Therefore speak not of the greatness of this one or that one, lest you find yourselves outside of this camp.

This, then, is the inner walk with God. Be stripped, then, this night of your self-attachment, self-idolatry! Be stripped and know that the shield of the LORD is your exceeding great reward[4] when you cleave unto the LORD and the LORD only. Know the effacement of self and then know the appearance of the God Self within you.[5]


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 1, 1976.

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