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Lightbearer means Christbearer, one who bears the Light which is Christ, one who bears the responsibility for Christhood in himself and others by defending the truth and honor of God; one who is anointed with the Christ consciousness and bears this enlightenment to all. The lightbearer is the Keeper of the Flame whose motto must be “I AM my brother’s keeper—I AM the keeper of the Light who is Christ in my brother.”

A Lightbearer bears the Christ consciousness as he internalizes the Word of God. A Lightbearer is one who daily assimilates and becomes the mystical Body and Blood of Christ; his aura is filled with the light that is the by-product of his state of Light, state of Being, state of Mind and state of Consciousness—his Self-Awareness in God and in his Christ. And that God Self-Awareness we call God consciousness, and that Christ Self-Awareness we call Christ consciousness. And “that was the true Light,” John says, “which lighteth [ignites the divine spark, the threefold flame of the heart, in] every [Son of] man [-ifestation] that cometh into the world.”[1]

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