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In his May 31, 1984, Ascension Day Address delivered in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, beloved Jesus announced the dedication of the Inner Retreat as the Mystery School of Maitreya in this age.

You realize that the Mystery School of Maitreya was called the Garden of Eden. All of the ascended masters’ endeavors and the schools of the Himalayas of the centuries have been to the end that this might occur from the etheric octave unto the physical—that the Mystery School might once again receive the souls of Light who have gone forth therefrom, now who are ready to return, to submit, to bend the knee before the Cosmic Christ....

Maitreya truly is more physical today than ever before since the Garden of Eden. For his withdrawal into higher octaves was due to the betrayal of the fallen angels and the acts of the fallen angels against Adam and Eve and others who were a part of that Mystery School. Thus, the long scenario of the fallen angels and their devilish practices against the pure and the innocent have ensued. And one by one, each must come to the divine conclusion of the Return.

Each one is accountable for leaving the Mystery School, and each one is responsible for his own return and his making use of that which is available and accessible as the divine Word.[1]

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