Maltese cross

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Maltese Cross, from Saint Germain On Alchemy, p. 273.

The Maltese cross, emblem of Saint Germain’s dedication to the cause of freedom, is a balanced thoughtform which may be used to illustrate the qualifications of power.

Saint Germain, in his “Trilogy on the Threefold Flame,” explains:

As many realize, a cross symbolizes the meeting of two planes of consciousness—the horizontal bar representing the plane of the human consciousness, the plane of the ego, and the vertical bar representing the energies of God descending from the realm of Spirit into the quadrants of Matter.

The center where the two lines intersect is the point (orifice) where the energies of heaven are released to the earth; and in truth, it is at this point—which is actually the point of the qualification of power—that great alertness must be maintained by all who use power in its many aspects....

The Maltese cross is a symbol of perfect balance—both in the alignment of the four planes of Matter (and the Four Cosmic Forces thereof) and in the inner and outer expression of God’s Spirit within the souls of his own. As such, the Maltese cross illustrates the drawing forth of light’s energy and consciousness from on high (through the north arm) for the manifestation in the world of form of God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence (through the west, south and east arms respectively). And, as we shall soon see, in this cosmic interchange between God and man the universal Light is beamed forth “as Above, so below” to the right, to the left and in the center in a perfect equilibrium of Power, Wisdom and Love....

In simplifying the understanding concerning the release of power, it will be shown that the bodies of man, four by definition, are receptacles of that power. Thus his physical, mental, emotional and etheric “sheaths of consciousness” are recipients of the charge of power that is released through the electronic pattern of the Maltese cross.[1]


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