Moon Mother

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The Moon Mother, the Mother of Harlots and the Great Whore[1] are all one and the same, as far as vibration goes. We may certainly discover that they are different members of the false hierarchy, but the terms are used interchangeably because they symbolize fallen woman.

The woman who has the greatest attainment as the adept of the Black Brotherhood is called the Moon Mother. She is the one who uses the cycles of the moon to pervert the energies of the flame.

The path of the Moon Mother

The first thing the Moon Mother does is to come with enchantment, glossing over with moon glow the rough paths of the disciple of the ascended masters. Every false hierarchy teaching and organization teaches that it is the road made easy, it is the path that is shortened for you, the short-cut path. Dispensing with the path of initiation, making the rough path smooth, is the work of the Moon Mother. So you have a criteria for watching out and being on guard for the false teacher who comes with that teaching.

The Moon Mother, as the Great Whore, is the personification of anti-Mother. As Mary the virgin is the personification of the Son, of the Life of the Christ, the Mother of the Christ, the Moon Mother is the opposite. And the concept of the Great Whore is one that steals the Light, the seed, the power, the vitality of man and woman, devours that energy as the whore, and uses it not bring forth the Christ, but to propagate error through the the conception and bringing forth of demons.

The Moon Mother on Lemuria

The fall of Lemuria was the direct result of the Fall of man, which reached its lowest point in the desecration of the shrines to the Cosmic Virgin. The worship of the Moon Mother replaced the worship of the Sun Mother, the Woman whom John saw “clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.”[2] A black crystal set in lead and stone became the focus for the perversion of the Mother ray and the symbol of the new religion. One by one the inner circles of the temple orders were violated through the diabolical practice of black magic and phallic worship taught by the Luciferians, until a completely false theology wiped out the pristine patterns of the Mother Cult.

The Moon Mother on Atlantis

The origin of the statement “God is dead” comes from an epoch on Atlantis when, through the influence of the Moon Mother, or the Great Whore, who was in incarnation at that time, there was a degradation and a tearing down of the concept of the sacredness of the marriage ritual. And at that point, through the very dark influences of this dark consciousness, man and woman, father and mother, lost the vision of the sacredness of life and the life-force, and they lost the vision of sharing this experience with the Holy Spirit. The priests in the temple who tried to salvage this innocence and this purity were not able to do so. It was a dark pall that settled over the consciousness of the people. It has persisted to this hour.

When this occurred, the priests in the temple themselves declared, “God is dead.” And by this they meant that man and woman no longer see that God functions through them in this ritual, and therefore God is not a part of creation, not a part of bringing forth life. He is dead, then, in the true practice of the divine ritual. It was a very, very dark day for God and for man.

Thus, the concept of original sin was born on Atlantis through the consciousness of the Moon Mother where the uses of the sacred fire between man and woman were no longer revered as sacred, as holy. We are told by Mother Mary that we must not leave the planet until our prayers, our consciousness of purity, revolutionizes the attitudes of sex as sinful in our society.

The age of the Divine Mother

In the next cycle the appreciation of God as both Father and Mother will provide the theme of an ascended master philosophy and way of life. This promises to be an era of perfecting the precipitation of Spirit in and as Matter as man takes dominion over the four elements—fire, air, water and earth—which represent the four planes of God’s androgynous consciousness whose cycles he must master prior to his reunion with the God-Self.

Through the worship of the Motherhood of God and the elevation in society of the functions of the Feminine aspect of the Deity, science and religion will reach their apex and man will discover the Spirit of God as the flame enshrined upon the altar of his own being even as he discovers the Matter of God in the cradle of nature. Moreover, through the enlightenment of the Divine Theosophia he will accept his role as the living Christ—the seed of the Divine Woman.


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