Ritual of the Atom

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The Ritual of the Atom

The Ritual of the Atom is a meditation taught at Summit University for the expansion of God-awareness. In this ritual, one visualizes an electron spiraling from the nucleus of God-identity in the center of the circle to the circumference and back again in a continual flow for initiation under each of the twelve solar hierarchies. As one proceeds around the Cosmic Clock in this visualization, a daisy pattern is formed with a petal at each line.

So too, the chela creates a “daisy of light” in the Ritual of the Atom as he weaves in and out from the Inner Retreat, the center of light in Montana, to the cities on the circumference.

El Morya spoke about this ritual in 1991:

You cannot be so long on the periphery of the circle without dipping into the center. This is why we have the daisy meditation of “I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being!” In this meditation, you visualize yourself standing in the center of the circle and [you] give that fiat and feel the extension of the center to each of the twelve points on the Cosmic Clock and the hierarchy thereof as you visualize yourself going through the ritual of going out and coming in—going out to the point of the twelve o’clock line under the hierarchy of Capricorn and returning to the center and going out again to the one o’clock line, and so on around the Clock.

Thus your journeyings around the clock of life must be from center to point and back again, from center to the next point and back again, using that mantra. Thus, by your going out and coming in, you create the daisy pattern.[1]

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“The Ritual of the Atom” in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock, pp. 115–20.


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