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Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire, Benjamin West

[plural of seraph] Also known as the seraphic hosts. The order of angels dedicated to the focusing of the flame of purity and the consciousness of purity before the throne of God, in the electronic fire rings of the Great Central Sun, and throughout the cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter.

Justinius is the Captain of Seraphic Bands. Under his direction they serve at the altar of God in the Great Central Sun and at the ascension flame and the Ascension Temple at Luxor. Serapis Bey, the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple and chohan of the fourth ray, was originally of the order of the seraphim.

Isaiah’s vision of seraphim

Isaiah saw “seraphims” [Hebrew, ‘burners’, ‘burning ones’] standing above the Lord’s throne, each one having six wings:

With twain he covered his face (before the Lord’s glory), and with twain he covered his feet (in reverence before the holiness of the Lord), and with twain he did fly (accelerate his vibration to the planes of the Great Central Sun, decelerate to the planes of physicality and form).[1]

The seraphim are initiators of the Lord’s servants on earth, purging and purifying the ones chosen to be his ministering servants—priests, prophets, messengers, etc. Isaiah himself received the seraphic initiation, which he vividly describes:

Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: and he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.[2]

Function of the seraphim

Serapis Bey describes his vision of the seraphim in his Dossier on the Ascension:

The seraphim came and they were as flaming streaks of fire passing through the atmosphere, and I knew that they possessed the quality of cosmic penetrability. Like cosmic rays they could pass through the flesh form of man, through his thoughts and feelings. When penetration occurred and the seraphim flew through human consciousness, what residue was left behind or what absorption was accomplished?

I saw clearly that absorption was accomplished and that residue was left behind—absorption by reason of instantaneous transmutation of all substance that came nigh unto their trajectory. I noted also that the residue left behind was of intense white-fire devotion, charged with a yearning for purity.

I perceived that this quality lingered within the consciousness of many; and yet, unless it was fed or accepted by them, its decay rate in their consciousness would be of relatively short term, for a disassociation of these ideas would cause the lingering sparks of the seraphim to pursue the parent body and leave their temporarily unwelcome home. Affinitizing with the consciousness of the seraphim is tantamount to retaining the benefits of the seraphic hosts.

I know of no power more valiantly capable of assisting anyone into his own ascension in the light than the transmutative efforts toward Cosmic Christ purity that are emitted by the seraphic hosts. In our retreat at Luxor, the meditations upon the seraphim are a very important part of our spiritual instruction.

Jesus himself spent a great deal of time in communion with the seraphic hosts. This developed in him the superior power whereby he could cast out demons and take dominion over the outer world of form.

The mantra of the seraphim that they chant without ceasing before the throne of the Lord is: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.”[3]

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Serapis Bey, Dossier on the Ascension, pp. 115–40.


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