Solar energy

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Beloved Virgo has spoken of solar energy as the means to meet all man’s energy needs:

As you gaze upon the sun that is the center of this system of worlds, you see the very first elements that take form in the descent of energy from Spirit to Matter. You see helium and other gases that compose the sun, which are in a constant state of motion as these energies cycle and recycle from Spirit to Matter. This is life. This is the source of energy that sustains life on this world and others, all connected to the Hub, to the very center of the Father-Mother God.

Thus there is an ebb and a flow, a release of light from Helios and Vesta to the four beings of the elements who guard Terra, and to every elemental. All are nourished and sustained by the cycling and recycling of energies from the sun. Therefore consider that mankind are now beginning to turn to the sun as the source of energy, and indeed the sun can provide all that is required for the sustaining of life, for heat and light and fuel.

And so there comes a time when mankind will not be forced to tear up the earth, to war with one another over resources. For by the elevation of consciousness to the level of the Christ mind all will draw forth the energy of the sun, which is limitless because it comes from the heart of the one God. As Ikhnaton showed forth the rays of the sun as the hands of God extending grace and blessing to mankind, so it is true that every ray of the sun delivers a message and a cup of light to you.

These energies, which are available to mankind at every level of consciousness through meditation upon the center Source, are enough to support all evolutions assigned to this planet, including the avatars waiting to be born. These energies are sufficient to draw elemental life into the phase of the resurrection spiral. They are sufficient to solve every crisis of energy, every ego crisis, every crisis of the nations.[1]

The Elohim Arcturus and Victoria have said:

The cosmos has offered gifts unending to mankind, limitless energy from the sun to solve all energy crises.[2]


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