Etheric plane

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The highest plane in the dimension of Matter; a plane that is as concrete and real (and more so) as the physical plane but that is experienced through the senses of the soul in a dimension and a consciousness beyond physical awareness. The plane on which the akashic records of mankind’s entire evolution register individually and collectively.

It is the world of ascended masters and their retreats, etheric cities of light where souls of a higher order of evolution abide between embodiments. It is the plane of reality, free from the sordid, sin/sick society men and devils have made of the earth planes. Here the golden age is in progress, Love is the fullness of God’s presence everywhere, and angels and elementals together with God’s children serve in harmony to manifest Christ’s kingdom in the Universal Age, worlds without end. As such it is the plane of transition between the earth/heaven realms and the kingdom of God, Spirit, or the Absolute.

The lower etheric plane overlaps the astral/mental/physical belts. It is contaminated by these lower worlds occupied by the false hierarchy and the mass consciousness it controls, including its matrices and emotions of the mass consciousness (i.e., e-motions, “energies in motion”).

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “On Dealing with Death, Discarnates and Malevolent Spirits, Part III” (audio and video recording).

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Saint Germain On Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation.