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Beings of earth, air, fire, and water; nature spirits who are the servants of God and man in the planes of Matter for the establishment and maintenance of the physical plane as the platform for the soul’s evolution. Elementals who serve the fire element are called salamanders; those who serve the air element, sylphs; those who serve the water element, undines; those who serve the earth element, gnomes.

Oromasis and Diana are in charge of the fire element and all salamanders; Neptune and Luara direct the undines and the mighty waters; Aries and Thor oversee the graceful sylphs and trackless realms of the air; and Virgo and Pelleur are mother and father of earth and gnomes.

Descriptions of the elementals

A salamander is a being at least nine feet tall that is pulsating flame, and the flame keeps changing—fiery white light and rainbow colors. It’s a being in the shape of a man that is all flame, continually moving, with two very pure-seeing, fiery eyes.

Virgo and Pelleur describe the gnomes:

The beings you call gnomes, whose image has been dwarfed in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other fairy tales, actually range in size from three-inch-high elves playing in the grasses, to the three-foot dwarfs, all the way to the hierarchies of the mountains who attend the Great Hall of the Mountain King and Queen glimpsed by Grieg and portrayed in his musical tribute to the special gnomes of Norway and the Norsemen.

There are giants in the elemental kingdom of the earth. These are powerful beings who wield the fire of atom and molecule and hold the balance for the continents through cataclysm, flood, and fire. This evolution was created by Elohim to sustain the platform for the great experiment in free will ordained by God unto his children whom he sent forth into the planetary systems to be fruitful in the Christ consciousness and to multiply the manifestation of God in their offspring and in the works of their hands.[1]

The work of the elementals

Kuthumi, who knew a great communion with elemental life in his embodiment as Saint Francis, speaks in Corona Class Lessons of the work of the elementals:

The Life of God is present in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms and throughout the unseen world of Nature spirits—a kingdom teeming with ‘elemental’ life, the happy chatter of elves and fairies, gnomes at work (though not always whistling!), sylphs arranging clouds and tumbling in the winds, undines splashing in the waves and salamanders dancing in fiery rings of rainbow rays.


So great a weight of mankind’s karma do they bear that the gnomes themselves take on man’s ways, becoming grumpy, grouchy until a sweet teacher appears (like the blessed Mother in the guise of Snow White) to lead them gently up the scale of their earthly evolution under their hierarchs, Virgo and Pelleur, the masterful beings who maintain the balance of forces in the earth. The gnomes serve in the physical plane just beyond the veil (spectrum) of ordinary sight. Here they are called the earth elementals. Sometimes you catch sight of them out of the corner of your eye—then think you must have imagined it!


Sylphs service the domain of the skies and the air purification and pressure systems. This all observe in the alchemical changes of weather and cycles of photosynthesis and precipitation. These elementals are masterful creatures who expand and contract their airy ‘bodies’ from microcosmic to macrocosmic levels, always keeping the flame for the realm of the mind, the mental plane which corresponds to the air element—one of the four elements designated by the ancient alchemists. Hence, sylphs are known as the air elementals. They respond to the command of their hierarchs, Aries and Thor.

The configuration of the earth body and earth chemistry, reduced to four distinct stages or qualities of substance—fire, air, water, and earth—by the mystical brotherhood of early scientists whose quest to control natural forces included the elusive goal of turning base metals into gold by transmutation—was in fact not far from higher truth.

The four lower bodies of man do relate to the so-called four planes of Matter serviced by cosmic forces focusing through the lesser evolved beings of Nature. In fact, you may be interested to know that the elementals were also created by Elohim to serve the sons and daughters of God as they, too, master the earth sciences and take dominion in space (both inner and outer) and in time. As man seeks to conquer his world in the sea of waters and in the sea of light, in the vibrations of subatomic and supersonic realms by way of proving his God-control of the universe step by step in all facets of the four kingdoms, unbeknownst to his outer awareness he is cooperating with elementals who have kept things under control for millions of years.


The fiery salamanders hold the secrets of the fire element, corresponding with the etheric body. At precisely what point the physical fire, elusive and most difficult to control, becomes the sacred fire is a mystery taught by the Holy Spirit, observed in the sacred heart of the saints, touched upon lightly by nuclear scientists, but held firmly in hand by the fire elementals.

In obedient and loving service to their hierarchs, Oromasis and Diana, their domain stretches from the nucleus of every atom and cell of Life to the core of the earth. They are compassionate and brilliant teachers ready to teach mankind practical ways of harnessing universal energy—from the heart of the electron to the heart of the sun.


The water elementals, portrayed in the elusive but enchanting mermaids, have inspired many a tale of romance between the human and elemental evolutions. ‘Crossing over’ from the elemental to the human kingdom is a known phenomenon. It is a door that has opened and been shut again to allow, in certain isolated cases, a particularly precious elemental of virtue and attainment to move on in the scale of evolution through the family of humanity, ultimately to acquire the divine spark.

More frequently, elementals cross over to the animal kingdom, accelerating evolution by serving man through the highly intelligent species, such as elephants, whales, porpoises, and even particularly loving and responsive dogs or horses.

The race memory of such occurrences goes back to the mists of Lemuria and Atlantis and is held today as legend or fairy tale, myth or make-believe by those whose lives would be too turned around to suit their pace or personal self-esteem, were they to take seriously this ‘sub-level’ of a lifewave, perceived at subconscious levels but denied everywhere except in the play of a midsummer night’s dream.

Nevertheless, the serious work of the undines moves on as the oceans and the rivers and the lakes, streams and rivulets and raindrops all play a part in the formation and re-formation of the body of our planet and of man, utterly dependent upon the elementals.

The undines, who also laugh and play in the waves and waterfalls, lovingly follow the example of their hierarchs. Neptune is the king of the deep and his consort, Luara, is mother of tides, governing cycles of fertility and the water element as it affects the emotional body (known as the water, feeling, or desire body) and the communications of mankind’s joy, grief, guilt, anger, and love through the astral plane, strongly influencing the collective unconscious of the race.

The consciousness of the elementals

There is a great difference in the consciousness of the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms serviced by the four types of elementals. Just as the body of man is not aware of itself in sleep, so the mineral kingdom does not possess self-awareness but manifests a specific quality of ‘mineral density’ which elemental life has charged into the substance of matter.

For example, the gnomes, although scarce recognized by the average Westerner—yet made known to the Irish as the “little people,” or as mischievous fairies called leprechauns—do exist and impart to the mineral kingdom a wonderful quality of spiritual radiance which passes through the consciousness of the elemental’s own being directly from the sun parents of this system—Helios and Vesta. The gnomes are charged with the responsibility of administering the divine pattern for each rock, precious stone, and element of mineral life. By a like token, there are also many ethereal angelic beings (of the devic evolution) responsible for ensouling the God-design in the natural order.

Trees and plants, of course, do not possess the awareness of either the human or the elemental consciousness but have imparted to them, by the advanced Devas who watch over them, a greater degree of Life awareness than that retained by the mineral kingdom.

The ensoulment of trees and plants by the devas who direct the specific plant elementals assigned to categories of flora—and exist in such numberless numbers as to tend, literally, everything that grows—accounts for the undeniable fact that people who attune their spiritual centers to the Nature kingdom are able to speak to trees and plants and receive a physically perceptible response to the spark of consciousness communicated to the plant through its “nerve system.” The life-force in plants and animals has been isolated in Kirlian photography, revealing an aura of universal energy, an electromagnetic field, also common to man.

Stepping up in the scale of Life-expressions from flora to fauna, we discover by like attunement the group-soul of animal species manifesting qualities of higher intelligence. Many animals possess almost human characteristics and an uncanny sense, almost psychic in its display. This is especially true of certain breeds of dogs and horses, and is marked in the elephant and the lower primates.

Mammals of the sea, fish, seals, and penguins are not excluded from a very wonderful intelligence, and further study by sensitive scientists will reveal a marvelous attunement, through the heart of all Life, everywhere in the Nature kingdom. Entomologists never cease to be amazed at the wonders of the ant; and the goad of the wise man “Go to the ant, thou sluggard...”[2] indicates that man has a great deal to learn from the veritable mysteries of Nature.[3]

Man’s influence on the elementals

Mankind has a tremendous influence on elemental life—for good or for ill. The elementals are very easily influenced; they are more easily influenced than a child. For example: wrong thought and feeling poured out in a small town day after day by husbands and wives fighting could result in a tornado hitting that town. That’s right! A tornado can be generated by the thoughts and feelings of the people in that town if the elementals pick it up. But the sylphs can be controlled, and they will work for God’s children.

Mark Prophet recounts one of his experiences in working with the elementals:

I remember driving an automobile near the city of Chicago, Illinois. And as we arrived in the vicinity of Chicago, the entire area was black with storm clouds. It was an absolute scene of terror, because in these storm clouds were cyclones and tornadoes. So when we perceived the ominous and threatening danger to the city, our entire group in the car immediately went into action contacting the sylphs of the air.

Prior to our beginning, the storms and the winds began to howl. They howled something terrible, and they sobbed as a child would sob—you could hear it in the wind. We gave our decrees and we sang to the elementals and we called for the dissolving of the storm, and it was all done exactly as we called it forth. The storm clouds disappeared, and the city was saved from terrible destruction by calls to the elementals.[4]

When our hearts are engrafted to God’s heart, nothing is impossible.

Kuthumi speaks of the influence of man on the elementals:

All this lovely creation imbued with a portion of the Divine Intelligence is deemed the “footstool kingdom” of God and was originally placed under the dominion of man as the manifestation of God. Through contaminating vibrations of cruelty, Nature has absorbed human imperfection. The savage qualities of jungle beasts are considered animalistic, whereas in reality, when the truth of life is known and the record of akasha and the planetary aura is accurately read, it will be learned that animal as well as elemental life originally absorbed their gross and sometimes grotesque outpicturings from mankind.

Savagery, cannibalism, violence, revenge, and killing originated in mankind’s lowest evolutionary descent and were transmitted directly by vibration (here proving that the power of example can also be the worst teacher) to the subspecies. Therefore, the animal magnetism in humans—often sub-animal, wreaking a devilish wrath—must be redeemed (i.e., transmuted by the violet flame) in the process of freeing the planet.

This you can begin to effect right now by fervent calls for the action of the circle and sword of blue flame of Astrea, the universal Mother figure functioning at the level of Elohim (personified in the East as Kali) who cuts free her children evolving in every kingdom from the imposed evil matrix of the vengeful fallen angels. The violet fire that flows from your determined, heartfelt decrees literally lifts the pall of human consciousness from all elemental life. It is integral to the reclamation of Nature’s beauty.

Beloved Saint Germain and other ascended masters have in various associations of their embodiments had contact with elemental life evolving through the animal kingdom. In some cases, this necessitated their later intercession on behalf of certain elementals embodied in animal form. The freeing of these blessed elementals “imprisoned” in dense bodies has on more than one occasion been the gift of love and violet fire from the ascended one to that elemental part of Life with whom they had prior contact.

Through the radiation of kindness, joy, and gratitude, all Nature will ultimately attain a pristine state of Edenic perfection where “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard with the kid, the calf and the young lion together...”[5] The law of the savage jungle will be abrogated by Christ-power, and those men so fortunate as to remain upon this planet will be living Christs. Through their intercession, all elementals will be set free from confinement to the temporary animal forms. The radiation of divine Love rising to a pulsation of great power will instantaneously sever and dissolve the connection of the evolved elementals with the self-limiting animal matrix and consciousness.

Some of you will recall reading of my love for the birds and creatures and that they came to me without fear. Beloved hearts, in most animals fear is the result of mankind’s own feelings which are, or have been, projected to the animals through the mass mind. Man’s survival instincts retained from prehistoric times sustain a fierce desire to self-protect. Race memories of past encounters with savage beasts keep alive a record and an automatic reflex whereby man reverts to a defensive posture when sensing the presence of certain wild animals.

Through Christ-power, men can make an appeal to the great Law of Life to free them from this latent fear that engenders alienation from all elemental life. We do not advocate recklessness in approaching wild animals, for until the inner action of transmuting all fear and doubt into love is complete, people would do well not to expose themselves unduly to dangers from animal life which yet responds to man from the lowest levels of world consciousness—for the flame of resurrection is yet to be transferred to them by sons and daughters of a God-mastery regained.

Remember, dear hearts, only when all fear is removed from within yourself, especially the subconscious, by the Great God Presence of Life will the lower-vibrating energy of the cobra, the lion, and all destructive beasts yield to the mighty power of your real attainment in Christ. Thus, we remind those who are beginning to realize that their own self-mastery is the key to the victory of all earth’s evolutions: “He who keepeth himself (his four lower bodies) and the gateway to his own house (his consciousness, body temple, and chakras) is greater than the ruler of a city.”[6]

The karmic burden on the elementals

Earth could be very different if the elementals were not bowed down with pollution and the weight of mankind’s karma. In Genesis, God tells Adam, “Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.”[7] “The ground” is symbolic of elemental life. In other words, because of mankind’s fall from grace (represented in the figures of Adam and Eve) the elementals were “cursed”—that is, mankind’s negative karma was introduced into their world—and the elementals were assigned the task of maintaining balance where karmic imbalance now appeared.

The weight of karma has been building up over centuries and millennia. Yet the elementals keep on working heroically to clean up the earth, the air and the water of our planet. Day after day, they work to keep the earth on an even keel. Without the unflagging work of the elementals, we would not have a physical platform on which to live. We would not have a place to work out our karma or to grow spiritually.

In 1990, beloved Oromasis said that the elementals carry a great weight of oppression and depression, despair and discouragement. Like mankind, the elementals “become listless. They become tired. They become burdened. They become overworked.... But, beloved ones,” he said, “you can clear them of it.”

The elementals do not have a threefold flame, and Oromasis said that until they earn that threefold flame “they must rely on your heart flame. Yes, they decree with you, but they must have you to decree with. For they depend upon the altar of your heart as you depend on the altar of God’s heart and upon the unfed flame.... It is not just your family and your children who depend upon you, but each and every one of you has potentially millions of elementals who depend upon your heart flame.”[8]

In 1996, Lanello told us that the elementals were still laboring under a very heavy burden.

The elementals and their hierarchs have reached their limit. They cannot and will not bear the sins of the world any longer. We call upon you to pray for them, for when they can no longer do their jobs, you can anticipate planetary cataclysm. It is in your best interest, then, to remember the elementals, to walk and talk with them, to call to their four hierarchs and to encourage them, to give them hope and stand by them. Otherwise you will see them giving up one by one....

What would happen if all the earth should become a place where the beings of the elements have gone on strike, saying: “We can no longer deal with the mountains of karma and polluted substance that mankind is dumping in the waters, in the earth, in the air!”[9]

The elementals have helped us for so very long. Now it is our turn to help them. We have the spiritual tools of the violet flame and the power of the Holy Spirit to do it.

Working with the elementals

On July 8, 1990, Oromasis’ twin flame, Diana, announced a dispensation initiating a new wave of cooperation between sons and daughters of God and elemental life. Diana said:

I have brought with me today representatives of the four kingdoms. To each of you are given a troop of elementals, some from each of the kingdoms. You may consider that you have adopted a little tribe today numbering twelve. They will stay with you and obey your command if it is heart-centered in the diamond heart of Mary and Morya. And they will remain as long as you tend and nurture them.

Include them in your calls and give them assignments, but only in keeping with the will of God. Invoke them for many, many purposes in your life, not excluding the healing of your four lower bodies or the tending to practical matters. And as you see the results of your interactions with them and take them with you on your hikes, so you may come to realize what is this segment of the army of the Lord.

Thus, when those who are higher up on the scale of hierarchy perceive your gentleness as well as your firmness and your ability to marshal the forces of the elemental kingdom for good works, they will begin to consider also becoming your obedient servants.... Keepers of the Flame, walk with God—and as you do, know that God in elemental life walks with you.[10]

Give your troop of twelve elementals assignments daily. These can be any constructive endeavor that will help, not just one or two or ten people, but tens of thousands and millions of people. Ask them to take care of practical matters, including the healing of yourself and others. All elemental life knows how to heal. Be sure your requests are in keeping with the will of God. As you are diligent in marshaling the forces of the elementals for good, other beings who are more powerful than the elementals will become your servants as well. Just think what you can accomplish with more and more helpers at your disposal!

In 1993, Oromasis and Diana came again with a plea and a prayer for the elementals. They described other planets that are barren today because the elementals on those planets had no sponsorship—no sons and daughters of God who would keep the flame for them.

Elementals in a golden age

Mark Prophet once painted that scene for us of what would earth be like if the elementals were not bowed down with pollution and the weight of mankind’s karma:

If we had followed the divine plan, we would be able to see and be friends with the nature spirits. We would not have to deal with lesser or greater storms. The ground would shed forth dew to water our crops. No rain would fall, but a dew would appear from the air. The air would be saturated with moisture, in just the right amounts everywhere on earth, and the deserts would bloom as the rose, and there would be no excess moisture, and no lack of it. It would be just right for every climate.

You would have the most beautiful weather and you would have the most beautiful flowers all over the world. You would have plenty of food and you would find that people would not be killing animals to live. There would be abundant fruit. Many of the fruits that would manifest are not even on the planet now.... We would have communion with the elementals, showing them how to step up into a higher manifestation. And we would be receiving our instructions from angels.[11]

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