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[Plural of Hebrew Eloah, “God”] One of the Hebrew names of God, or of the gods; used in the Old Testament about 2,500 times, meaning “Mighty One” or “Strong One.”

In the Bible

Elohim is a uni-plural noun referring to the twin flames of the Godhead that comprise the “Divine Us.” When speaking specifically of either the masculine or feminine half, the plural form is retained because of the understanding that one half of the Divine Whole contains and is the androgynous Self (the Divine Us).

The seven mighty Elohim and their feminine counterparts are the builders of form; hence, Elohim is the name of God used in the first verse of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Serving directly under the Elohim are the four beings of the elements, “the Four Cosmic Forces,” who have dominion over the elementals—gnomes, salamanders, sylphs and undines.

The seven mighty Elohim are the “seven Spirits of God” named in Revelation[1] and the “morning stars” that sang together in the beginning, as the Lord revealed them to his servant Job.[2] There are also five Elohim who surround the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun.

The order of hierarchy

In the order of hierarchy, the Elohim and cosmic beings carry the greatest concentration, the highest vibration, of light that we can comprehend in our state of evolution. They represent, with the four beings of nature, their consorts and the elemental builders of form, the power of our Father as the Creator (the blue ray).

The seven archangels and their divine complements, the great seraphim, cherubim, and all the angelic hosts represent the love of God in the fiery intensity of the Holy Ghost (the pink ray).

The seven chohans of the rays and all ascended masters, together with unascended sons and daughters of God, represent the wisdom of the Law of the Logos under the office of the Son (the yellow ray). These three kingdoms form a triad of manifestation, working in balance to step down the energies of the Trinity.

The intonation of the sacred sound “Elohim” releases the tremendous power of their God Self-awareness stepped down for our blessed use through the Cosmic Christ.

Elohim of the seven rays

Following are the names of the seven Elohim, the rays they serve on, and the locations of their etheric retreats:

Ray Elohim Etheric retreat
First Ray Hercules and Amazonia Half Dome, Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, California, USA
Second Ray Apollo and Lumina Western lower Saxony, Germany
Third Ray Heros and Amora Lake Winnipeg, Canada
Fourth Ray Purity and Astrea Near Gulf of Archangel, southeast arm of White Sea, Russia
Fifth Ray Cyclopea and Virginia Altai Range where China, Siberia, and Mongolia meet, near Tabun Bogdo
Sixth Ray Peace and Aloha Temple of Peace, Hawaiian Islands
Seventh Ray Arcturus and Victoria Near Luanda, Angola, Africa

There are also five pairs of Elohim in inner manifestation within the Great Central Sun who manifest the five secret rays. While they have not released their names, their power and authority can be invoked by addressing “the Elohim of the five secret rays.” Their momentum can be used to develop the bands of the secret rays in the causal body of man and to magnetize the flaming potential of the white-fire core of each atom of being.

Cassiopea is an Elohim of the Central Sun holding a focus of great illumination on behalf of the Godhead.

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