Five secret rays

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The five secret rays are Light emanations from God that originate in the white-fire core of being.

In the Hub (the center of the Spirit-Matter cosmos) and in the heart of every atom, the Spiritual Sun and the physical sun coexist. Here in the white-fire core, the simultaneous manifestation of Spirit and Matter provides the necessary components for creation. Here and only here can creation be born.

Eleven concentric rings surround the core of God’s Being. These, together with the center, make up the twelve planes of consciousness found in the Atom of God—seven outer rays and five “secret” rays.

The rings of the five secret rays are found between the white-fire core and the yellow band. These planes do not pertain to existence as we know it upon this earth, but rather to man’s latent divinity, which remains unrealized except by the few Avatars who have risen even beyond the levels of initiation required for the attainment of Christhood.

The full knowledge and use of the secret rays by the evolutions of this world has not been authorized by the Solar Lords, who require the planetary mastery of the seven planes of the Christ consciousness through the seven color rays before the powers of the secret rays are conferred upon evolving humanity. Therefore, the white-fire core and the six spheres beyond the five secret rays are the planes that relate to the evolution of God’s consciousness as humanity in their present evolution are able to experience and express it.

The planes of the secret rays are actually perpendicular to the planes of the seven rays. For this reason they are not shown on the causal body in the Chart of Your Divine Self, although they exist as potential in the causal body of every son and daughter of God made in the divine likeness .

We can invoke the ascended master who is known as Mighty Cosmos to release the action of the secret rays in our behalf that they will spiritualize consciousness in the planes of Matter.

The action of the secret rays

Mighty Cosmos explains the action of the secret rays:

The secret rays promote an action of detail, the final sculpturing of the mind and consciousness in the perfect image of the Christ. The secret rays are like the refiner's fire. They purge, they purify. When man has said of himself “My work is finished,” I have sent forth the secret rays to show him that the detail was not finished. For in the conclusion of the spiral, the Law requires perfection....

The secret rays come into your being to arrange the floral offering of the soul, to see that all is in readiness that you might stand before the Court of the Sacred Fire and present yourself in the best Light, the best image which you can muster and which you have built as the giant pyramid through the ages, ages of incarnation.

You have heard that man is a starry body, a five-pointed star. The five points of Light that make the star of this version of man’s consciousness are the five secret rays. The exactness of the secret rays as they are released from the centers placed within your form for this purpose goes forth into the world to draw all into the plumb line of divinity. I say then, this is no time for dalliance, for sloppiness, for lack of cleanliness in your person. For this is the hour when God demands the allness of man. And perfection is the great standard.[1]

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