Seven rays

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The light emanations of the Godhead, e.g., the seven rays of the white light, which emerge through the prism of the Christ consciousness. The seven rays are

  1. blue
  2. yellow
  3. pink
  4. white
  5. green
  6. purple and gold
  7. violet.

There are also five “secret rays,” which originate in the white-fire core of being, and numerous cosmic rays personally qualified by the heavenly hosts that radiate through the sacred hearts of the Father’s emissaries to lesser evolved lifestreams.

Each ray is a Light-emanation of the Universal Christ concentrating particular gifts and graces and principles of self-awareness in the Logos that can be developed by the disciple through his life’s calling.

Qualities of the rays

Just as colors have frequency, so thoughts and feelings carry vibrational patterns; and these cannot be separated from the color frequencies that correspond to their vibrations. In fact, our studies of the human aura have proved that there is a scientific correlation between the colors found in the aura and the mental and emotional patterns of the individual.

The electronic pattern of the seven rays is the same as that of the corresponding God-qualities they represent. Thus it is accurate to say that love is pink, wisdom is yellow, power is blue, mercy is violet, justice is purple, healing and supply are green, and purity is white. For wherever there is pink, there is a focus of God’s love; wherever there is blue, behold his power; wherever there is yellow, God’s intelligence is expressed; and wherever the myriad qualities of the seven rays are ennobled in man, the radiance of rainbow hues appears as a gentle yet powerful glow within the aura. The colors and qualities of the seven rays, their position in the causal body, and their perversion in the electronic belt and in the human aura are given in the chart below.

Flame Color-Qualities of the Seven Rays and Their Perversions

Spheres of the Causal Body of Man

Corresponding Godly Attributes: Treasures of Heaven Stored in the Seven Spheres

Perversions of Godly Attributes Accumulated in the Electronic Belt

Corresponding Perversions of the Color Rays Found in the Human Aura

Sphere I

Fourth Ray

  1. Purity, perfection
  2. Self-discipline, morality
  3. Life, hope, positive spirals
  4. Joy, spiritual bliss
  5. Wholeness, all-one-ness
  6. Symmetry, geometry
  7. Law, order, co-measurement—as Above, so below
  8. Divine architecture, blueprint of life
  1. Impurity, imperfection
  2. Lack of self-control, amorality
  3. Death, discouragement, negative spirals
  4. Lust, human desire patterns, misuses of the sacred fire
  5. Separateness, incompleteness, loneliness
  6. Asymmetry
  7. Lawlessness, anarchy, chaos, absence of interchange between Spirit and Matter
  8. Distortion of divine design

Dirty white
“Dead men’s bones”

Sphere II

Second Ray

  1. Christed illumination
  2. God Self-awareness, humility
  3. Divine Logos, divine reason
  4. Wisdom (wise dominion), understanding, Cosmic consciousness
  5. Discrimination between absolute Good and relative good and evil,right knowledge
  6. Intelligence, resourcefulness, open-mindedness
  7. Perspicacity, perspicuity
  1. Witchcraft, black magic
  2. Ego-centeredness, pride
  3. Human logic, human reason
  4. Human folly, vanity, lack of comprehension, mortal consciousness
  5. Inordinate and indiscriminate use of energy, wrong knowledge
  6. Stupidity, lethargy, narrow-mindedness
  7. Lack of discernment, ignorance, mental density, sloth

Muddy yellow
Olive brown

Sphere III

Third Ray

  1. Divine love, selflessness
  2. Beauty, comfort, grace
  3. Harmony
  4. Creativity, spiritual magnetism, God-desire
  5. Compassion
  6. Unity, adhesion, cohesion
  7. Communion with life, baptism of the Holy Spirit
  1. Human love, selfishness
  2. Ugliness, discomfort, negligence
  3. Discord
  4. Sensuality, animal magnetism, human desire
  5. Self-pity, human sympathy
  6. Disunity, disintegration, decay
  7. Consorting with death, necromancy, demon and spirit possession

Red orange

Sphere IV

Seventh Ray

  1. Freedom, justice, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness
  2. Liberty, ritual of life
  3. Invocation of the sacred fire, Light action, flow
  4. Diplomacy, tact, poise
  5. Science of alchemy, transmutation, law of transcendence, progressive revelation, prophecy
  1. Servitude, bondage, injustice, intolerance, hardness of heart, cruelty
  2. Libertinism, license, disorderliness, disorganization, nonintegration, disorientation
  3. Incantations, mortal cursings, hexes, prayers of malintention, stagnation, death
  4. Lack of savoir-faire
  5. Misuses of the sacred science, rote, intransigence, dogma, perversions and misinterpretations of scripture and the laws of Truth, mouthings of evil spirits


Sphere V

Purple and Gold
Sixth Ray

  1. Peace
  2. Ministration and service
  3. Brotherhood and family life founded in Christ
  4. Balance of the Christ in the individual and society
  5. Desirelessness, harmlessness
  1. Emotional turbulence, war
  2. Ego-centered existence
  3. Disruption of family and community life through perversions of the threefold flame
  4. Imbalance manifesting as clans, gangs, social cliques, group marriages, free love
  5. Desirefulness, harmfulness


Sphere VI

Fifth Ray

  1. Truth, abundance, supply
  2. Science, scientific method
  3. Life
  4. Health, healing, wholeness, rejuvenation, regeneration
  5. Direct and indirect precipitation from Spirit to Matter, sublimation from Matter to Spirit, tangible proofs of the Spirit, squaring of the circle
  6. Gratitude, constancy, consecration, generosity, open-mindedness, free flow of the electron
  7. Music, mathematics, laws and principles of cosmic harmony
  1. Error, insufficiency, lack, spiritual impoverishment
  2. Nescience, superstition, accident, chance
  3. Death
  4. Disease, a “house divided,” aging, degeneration
  5. Absence of manifest works, absence of virtues and things of the Spirit made practical in Spirit-form and Matter-form
  6. Ingratitude, inconstancy, carelessness, desecration, lack of givingness, small-mindedness, envy, jealousy, greed, covetousness, possessiveness, imprisonment of energy in Matter-form
  7. Inharmony


Sphere VII

First Ray

  1. Perfection
  2. Divine will
  3. Protection, construction, direction
  4. Faith
  5. Obedience, love of God and his laws
  6. Light, energy, power, courage
  7. Dominion, God-control, God-desire
  8. God-ordained government, business, commerce, transportation, communication, banking
  9. Cosmic and natural law
  1. Imperfection
  2. Human will
  3. State of harm, danger, destruction; haphazard, willy-nilly existence
  4. Doubt
  5. Disobedience, defiance, rebellion against God’s laws
  6. Absence of Light, of energy, vacillation, impotence, cowardice
  7. Subjection, psychic manipulation, black magic
  8. Disorganization in the affairs and economy of nations and societies resulting from mortal codes
  9. Mortal laws, lawlessness

Gray blue
Blue black

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