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The electronic belt

The momentums of untransmuted karma in orbit around the “nucleus” of the synthetic self (or carnal mind) form what looks like an “electronic belt” of misqualified energy around the lower portion of man’s physical body.

Diagrammed at the point of the solar plexus, extending from the waist downward in a negative spiral to below the feet, this conglomerate of human creation forms a dense forcefield resembling the shape of a kettledrum. Referred to as the realm of the subconscious or the unconscious, the electronic belt contains the records of unredeemed karma from all embodiments. Each day, according to the law of cycles, a certain portion of this energy returns to the individual for transmutation.

The accumulation of negative energies

Every vibration that ripples across man’s being, every subtle mood, every hidden motive, every idle thought or word spoken by man is impressed upon the plastic substance of the lower etheric body. The impulses of the world that pass before the mind or play upon the feelings are also recorded upon the subconscious mind.

Obviously, the bad harvest of unwise sowings cannot ascend into the causal body, which is a magnet of perfection, drawing unto itself only the good, the pure and the beautiful. Man’s misqualified energies sink to the lowest level of his subconscious being, forming a negative spiral around his four lower bodies.

The subconscious mind is in layers, like sedimentary rock, and the electronic belt may be described as being a kettledrum. The top of the drum is about at the navel or the solar plexus, and the base of the kettle is beneath the feet. The electronic belt is very weighty. It is actually that energy that makes our consciousness dense and that keeps us in embodiment and keeps us on earth.

Diagramming the electronic belt

As your causal body in heaven is separated into twelve bands, which actually represent frequencies or levels of vibration, different aspects of the Christ consciousness, so the perversions of those energies also assume different frequencies. These frequencies cause the energy to separate and become congealed at certain points.

All that is less than God is therefore diagrammed as the lines of a clock, and each line of that clock represents a twelfth of the subconscious. You could divide this kettledrum of the electronic belt like a pie into twelve parts, and you would be able to determine approximately where in the subconscious, in the layers of sedimentary rock, these momentums lie.

With the first decision to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil[1] which means to partake of relativity, we lost our sense of the absolute Presence of God, the absolute awareness of the Self as Christ. So we began filling this grid with negatively qualified energies. The individual in the former state enjoyed freedom. Now he is fallen man. Doing his own thing instead of God’s thing, he is surrounded by that conglomerate of the programming of the mass consciousness. This programming may be entering our world consciously or subconsciously.

Our electronic belt is really the sundial marking the hours of the cycles of time and space in which we have misused God’s energy. All that we see here does not represent the Christ consciousness—it shows instead the perversions of the four aspects of God’s consciousness—Father, Mother, Christ and Holy Spirit. Each time we pervert one of those aspects of God, it has a corresponding manifestation in the subconscious.

The lines of the electronic belt

12 o’clock

The twelve o-clock line is the perversion of the power of God, including condemnation and self-condemnation We have it written in scripture in East and West, “judge not, lest ye be judged.”[2] When we look at other parts of life and we say, “That man is a sinner, that man is going to hell, that man is wicked,” we are judging. Since all life is one, that judgment is meted out upon the Self—the one Great Self of all. Therefore, it registers upon our own subconscious, and we program ourselves to the very miscreations that we are judging in others. Witchcraft is the practice of inflicting upon any part of life a mental matrix of the human will or wit that is in direct contradiction of the inner Law of Being.

1 o’clock

The one o’clock line is the seat of God-love, the hierarchy of Aquarius. The perversions of love are hate and hate creation and mild dislike. This is the force of hatred, man’s inhumanity to man coming back upon him through the beasts of his own electronic belt. The other side of hatred is indifference. And that indifference is the other side of the viciousness of these types of animal forms.

So what we are saying here as we show the electronic belt is that hatred, anger, mild dislike and condemnation do not just go out as a mass of energy that has no shape—they take the form of animal creations. Thoughts and feelings coalesce into lower forms, dissonant forms. These may be animal forms or they may be very dark forms of perverted symbols, distortions of the human body and so forth.

2 o’clock

On the two o’clock line, we have the record of death and dying and every manifestation of fear and doubt that leads to death. Fear and doubt are the components of death.

People say, “I have no fear,” but there are records of fear in the subconscious. Perhaps you haven’t contacted them. They may appear as anxiety on the eight o’clock line opposite the two. You may not normally have anxieties but you may get in a certain situation in life where all of a sudden you sense a foreboding fear. Separation from God breeds doubt and fear.

Jesus showed us that death is not real, that death is swallowed up in victory. All that is real is our belief in death, our fear not only of death but of every other manifestation of darkness. And so piling up layer upon layer, year in, year out, life after life, the consciousness of fear and doubt, we focus our own self-destruction, our own death. And whether or not this results in the death of the soul is determined in the Last Judgment—the final analysis of whether we have put more energy in God or more energy in the energy veil.

3 and 4 o’clock

The Christ is the true ego of all, the Divine Ego. On the line of Aries and Taurus we see the typical perversion of rebellion and the ego that is going to do its own thing—arrogance, taking the gain of others, not being willing to submit to the law of karma, the law of initiation. This is the human ego, uncontrolled, unbridled, in place of the Christ consciousness.

5 o’clock

The five o’clock line is the focal point of envy, jealousy, covetousness and ignorance. This is the typical carnal mind that prevents you from realizing the Christ mind.

6 o’clock

Now we go to the miscreations of the emotional quadrant, the perversions of the water element on the lines of Cancer, Leo and Virgo. The six o’clock line is the line where we should be realizing God as Mother. That “cow consciousness” that is the perversion of this line is the earthly mother with its earthly attachments and earthly densities: the overprotective, sympathetic, saccharine consciousness, the mother that smothers, chewing the cud—endless chatter, gossip, unseemly conversation, tying up the energies of the base chakra, the sacred fire; the consciousness “without me, life cannot survive”; the mother being milked by her children instead of teaching them the discipline whereby they can tie in to their energy source. This is a very subtle perversion because it’s always trying to feed you.

7 o’clock

On the seven o’clock line of Leo, the line of God-gratitude, there is the lion of ingratitude. We think of the lion as the king of the beasts, but there is also a perversion here of the lion consciousness that is ingratitude—it is the beast that is ready to pounce.

8 o’clock

The eight o’clock line is the line of Virgo—the Earth Mother. Her sons are in a constant state of struggle because of a sense of injustice. The injustice is the warring in our members:[3] our emotions versus the mind, the mind versus the emotions, the memory interfering, the sense that someone has wronged us, the sense of struggle that makes the struggle. That sense of injustice comes out when you have a division in the members on the Gemini line, the Gemini members warring—always the sense that we’ve been wronged, life has cheated us.

All of these struggles are really internal, but we imagine that we are acting them out with other individuals, other people who are really other aspects of God in various stages of evolution. Each time we engage in that struggle over the sense of injustice, we leave a record in the subconscious.

To overcome this sense of injustice, we have to rise to the statement of Portia, “There is no injustice anywhere in the universe.” If something unjust happens to us, we transmute it with the violet flame, challenge it, get to the bottom of it, find out what our karma is and move on. Let go of it. As Jesus said, “What is that to thee? follow thou me.”[4]

9 o’clock

Now we come to the miscreations of the physical quadrant on the nine o’clock line as the misuse of the ego that is the other side of the three o’clock line. The ego in its own defense must use treachery and intrigue—the undercover, underwater consciousness, the sliminess of getting away with as much as it can get away with by subterfuge.

10 o’clock

The ten o’clock line is the scorpion, a manifestation of selfishness, grasping, an imperfect vision of God—the scorpion sting instead of the eagle’s All-Seeing Eye of God. The sign of Scorpio is one or the other, the eagle or the scorpion.

11 o’clock

On the eleven o’clock line is the dragon that we read about in the Book of Revelation. In order to gain our absolute God-victory by the Cosmic Christ Lord Maitreya, we have to gain the victory on all the preceding lines. We come to the eleven o’clock line for the slaying of the dragon itself. It is the logical conclusion of the serpent that began in Genesis.[5] That little serpent in Genesis allegorically becomes the dragon in Revelation, the dinosaur consciousness of revenge.

Resentment, revenge and retaliation is the energy that opposes your God-victory in Sagittarius on the eleven o’clock line. In Revelation, Satan is depicted as this dragon that goes forth to make war with the Woman to prevent her from giving birth to the Divine Manchild.[6] The dragon of our own carnal mind is pitted against our own soul, or feminine potential. But we find that we ourselves have created this dragon. It is the revenge against the light of Christ within.

The Dweller-on-the-Threshold

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In the very center of the clock is the dweller-on-the-threshold. It is a combination of all other perversions of God combined into an identity that is your unreal personality. Just as we show you the Chart of the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self, the Chart of Your Real Self, this electronic belt is an archetypal chart of your unreal self.

Cycles of karma

El Morya explains how the energies of the electronic belt cycle into manifestation in our lives:

The daily encounters of man and woman on the streets of life are in reality the unwinding of the cycles of karma—of positive and negative forces come full circle for the reckoning of the law of being. When people encounter past hatreds and animosities and the records of violent interchange, they sometimes, on contact with another person, find themselves seized with jealousy, anger, resentment, anxiety, or any of a multitude of negative reactions. Such experiences denote that pockets of energy misused in other lifetimes are coming to the surface of consciousness from the plane of the subconscious for the restoration of balance both within and among souls.

In the process, individuals must learn the art of self-mastery. They must learn to govern those energies in motion that have recorded past indulgences in patterns of imperfection. Accidents, injuries, sudden illness, a turn of events in business, in the household, or in the marriage may also denote the descent of karma that is released through the recycling of energy from the electronic belt.

When this occurs, it is the testing of your soul and it is time to enter into the core of life that is the flame. Centered in the flame, you can then challenge these negative spirals in the name of your own Christ Self and call to the I AM Presence to release the flame into action and to pass the flame through the subconscious for the transmutation of the cause and core of every negative condition.

In so doing you will be practicing the art and science of transmutation. You will be changing the frequency of energies disconnected from the source, so that they may be reunited with the source. And as these energies cycle back to the source, your own soul awareness will follow. You will be releasing energy locked in imperfect patterns, that it might be sealed in patterns of perfection.

Each time a situation of imbalance occurs in your life, you must see it as an opportunity in the present to right a wrong of the past. This is how you balance karma. This is how you relieve the soul of the burden of the synthetic image. Now life becomes a challenge! And you see that you are what you are—a living flame—regardless of what you think you are in those moments of encounter with the accumulations of past energy sowings. And so the law is fulfilled, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”[7]

Be then the joyous reaper, knowing full well that as you cull the energies of karma into the flame, you will reap an abundant harvest of light. For locked in those energy coils is the life that is God. And when that misqualified energy comes into contact with the flame that is in your heart, it is requalified and sent forth to bless all life with perfect love, perfect wisdom, perfect power.[8]

Transmuting the energies of the electronic belt

The entire contents of this electronic belt—the records and accumulations of man’s own misqualified substance—is the karmic weight that holds him earthbound and prevents him from overcoming the pull of gravity and ascending into the Light. This is the weight that puts him in the category of mortality; this is the weight that ties him to the mass consciousness.

When you begin to use the violet flame, you can transmute the energies of this electronic belt. The violet flame is the light of the Holy Spirit, and using this light gives you a more than ordinary amount of energy to transmute your past. And so you begin to step up your ability to balance karma. You are no longer taking an entire embodiment to go through, perhaps, one layer of this electronic belt to settle your debts with individuals. The more you give the violet-flame decrees and mantras, the more you invoke the flame, the more quickly you go through these layers.

The purified electronic belt

The Tree of Life standing in the midst of the garden described in Genesis[9] is an allegorical representation of the individualized I AM Presence. In order to eat of the twelve manner of fruits thereof, man is required by Law to attain the consciousness of the twelve virtues as charted on the Cosmic Clock. These virtues are the twelve manner of fruit of the causal body that are for the healing of the nations.[10]

The disciple may indeed clear away the debris of the human consciousness by the use of the sacred fire and replace it with the Light of the twelve godly attributes, even as he prepares for his ultimate reunion with his Creator. As man replaces his human creation with the twelve principal godly attributes designated on the leaves of the Tree, the flowering of the corresponding virtues takes place in the causal body. These virtues are also reflected in the electronic belt and in the four lower bodies—and man is seen in the image of his Maker. Thus, the electronic belt reflects all that is contained in the causal body of man.

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