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The cosmic clock is science of charting the cycles of the soul’s karma and initiations on the twelve lines of the clock under the twelve hierarchies of the Great Central Sun. It was taught by Mother Mary to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet for sons and daughters of God returning to the Law of the One and their point of origin beyond the worlds of form and lesser causation.

Cycles of the clock

The science of the cosmic clock is a means for the charting of the cycles of our lives. It is not traditional astrology. It is an inner astrology whereby we can chart the cycles of our karma and be the master of our fate, our cycles and our destiny. It also allows us to chart the cycles of our dharma and to fulfill our reason for being. As the wheel of the cosmic clock turns day by day and we experience the cycles of our tests and initiations in life, an awareness of this science can help us pass these tests.

All cycles follow the same archetypal pattern. The most fundamental division of a cycle is represented by the T’ai chi, the two halves representing Alpha / masculine / the beginning of cycles on the right side, and Omega / feminine / the ending of cycles on the left.


The quadrants

Each half of the whole may in turn be divided into two halves, resulting in four quadrants, which correspond to the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. All cycles begin on the 12 o’clock line of this clock, in the etheric quadrant, and then proceed through the mental and emotional quadrants to the physical.

These four quadrants also represent the four planes or frequencies of the material universe. Man’s being extends through all of these planes and into the realms of Spirit. We are less aware of our etheric, mental and emotional bodies than the physical, but these three are no less real. These four lower bodies are the vehicles for man’s evolution in time and space.

The twelve lines

Each of the four phases of a cycle may in turn be divided into three, resulting in twelve divisions, which are referred to using the names of the signs of the zodiac. Each line of this cosmic clock represents a specific frequency of God’s light/energy/consciousness, which we refer to as God-power on the 12 o’clock line, God-love on the 1 o’clock line, and so on.

The cosmic beings who serve to release the light of the twelve solar hierarchies to earth and her evolutions

Our journey through the cycles

We begin walking through the cycles of the cosmic clock when we are born. We begin at the point of origin of all cycles, at the twelve o’clock line. One year later, on our birthday, we enter the one o’clock line, and so on once around the clock every twelve years of our life. As we enter each new line of the clock, we receive an increment of light corresponding to the quality on that line, and we also face the tests of how we will use that energy or misuse it.

Along with the tests on each line of the clock based on our personal cycles starting at birth, we also face tests on each line when the Sun and Moon enter the signs of the zodiac corresponding to the lines.

These twelve frequencies of God’s energy may be misused by man, resulting in negative karma on each line of the cosmic clock. The misuses of the twelve lines may be summarized as criticism, condemnation, judgment and black magic on the twelve o’clock line, and so on around the clock.

Misuses of the light on the twelve lines of the clock

We are all walking a path of initiation, and we all have a choice to either keep going on a treadmill of failing our tests as we pass through the lines of the clock, or to determine to pass these tests and move on with our spiritual development. These are the tests of everyday life that come every moment.

Each test we pass gives us the right to carry more sacred fire in our chakras. Thus, initiation is cumulative. What we earn on one line has to be carried to the next line, and it becomes the foundation for mastery in that line. Likewise, what we do not pass on one line cannot be built upon in the next. So we must prepare.

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