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The great teaching of the Law of the One is that Christ is One, the Holy Christ Self is One. And this Christ, or Christos,[1] this universal Light individualized in us is not separated. And therefore, this Christ in you, me, and everyone, the one consciousness of Christ that is the heart of the Mystical Body of God in which we are, says, “Every branch in me that beareth not fruit...”[2]

The one Christ speaks of all of the branches, all of you together. It is as though the Christ in all of us were speaking with one voice, and indeed is! And this is a mystery of God. It is difficult to imagine one in the place of thousands.

And when we say, “Holy Christ Selves of all mankind,” we really should say, “Holy Christ Self of all mankind,” underscoring the mystery of oneness and how that great Law of the One can manifest in time and space many times over and still be that one. It is this mystery and the absence of understanding of it that has confused all of Christendom.

The mystery of the Eucharist

The ritual of the breaking of the Bread of Life is the initiation of the individualization of the God flame. Though there be one LORD and one God, yet that LORD and that God has personified himself in the I AM Presence. As depicted in the Chart, the I AM Presence stands just above in direct relation to each of us.

This I AM Presence is the Divine Image of the one LORD and the one God. A thousand or 10 billion images of the One still add up to only one LORD and one God in whose Light Body we all share. One times One times One still equals the One.

In like manner, the only begotten Son of the Father is one Christ and one Saviour. Yet this Son is personified for each child of God in the person of the Holy Christ Self.

Our Father, out of the unfathomable depths of his love for us, has placed the Christ Image of his Son in each of our hearts. A thousand or 10 billion images of that One still add up to only one Son of God, one Christ and one Saviour.

Just think of an actual photograph of Jesus being published in Life magazine. Ten million copies do not add up to 10 million Jesuses, but just one.

In giving you and me a Mighty I AM Presence and a Holy Christ Self, our Father gave us the Divine Image and the Christ Image—exact replicas of the originals. These Images contain and are the Allness of the one LORD and the one God, and the Allness of the only begotten Son, the one Christ and the one Saviour.

Because Jesus Christ is, was and forever shall be the incarnation of the I AM THAT I AM and of the Son of God, he is always one with your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. It is this special relationship that you have to the Father and the Son through Jesus Christ that is the foundation of your spiritual destiny in this age.

At the Last Supper, Jesus shared with his disciples this mystery of the One, the individed Whole. He took bread and blessed it and brake it and gave it to the disciples saying, “Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you....”[3]

Each piece of bread Jesus gave to his disciples from the whole loaf was the gift of himself. It was the gift of his Christhood. Each piece was a portion of his Universal Light Body. Yet each piece was the Whole.

This is the meaning of the Law of the One and it explains the mystery of the breaking of the Lord’s Body (symbolically and actually). The Lord’s Body has many manifestations, but these do not detract from its essential oneness.

The incarnate Word

Jesus has said:

By your understanding of the mystery of the Word incarnate, you understand that all things are one where you are, where I AM—where the individed Word is, where the messenger of the Word is, where your Holy Christ Self is. Thus, the Law of the One is truly the understanding of the mystical oneness of our hearts. It is the mystery of the Second Advent that I would seal in your hearts in this hour. I would that you would understand the true meaning of oneness—the oneness of Christ in this body, this body of the whole community worldwide of the Holy Ghost.

I would that you would understand the oneness of the I AM THAT I AM, even the Great I AM individualized as the Presence where you are. I would that you would understand the curve of space and all points of light meeting in the One by the convergence into the very center of Life.

Understand the oneness and the unity of consciousness, yet the maintenance of individualization. Understand it, yet transcend the understanding. For the mystery of God demands climbing heights of a new wonder, a new miracle, and a new presence, beloved.[4]

The body of God on earth

Lady Master Nada has spoken of the Law of the One:

We are the numberless numbers! We are the atoms of Selfhood! We are the being of the Holy Spirit that is at once atoms of Selfhood and yet the one body of God!

You cannot say that you are isolated when you are one in this body of God. You cannot say that you are apart but that you are a very necessary part of the Whole. And so, you see, those who attack one aspect of the body of God must meet with a thrust every other aspect, for that body is One. And I declare this as the fundamental law of your strength, your being, and your overcoming victory in this plane.

This Law of the One must be understood! It was taught to you by Godfre. It was taught to you by Lanello. It has been taught to you by Moses, by Ikhnaton. It has been taught to you by the Buddha and the Christ.

In all ages, those who have come into our oneness have proclaimed to their disciples the Law of the One. And therefore if you see division, if you allow division within your midst, you are allowing the fragmenting of the body of God and therefore you are giving entrance into your midst to the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones.

Understand, then, O people of God, O children of Israel! Understand that the Law and the Lord are one and that this one God is in truth your salvation and your defense!

No force in this world or beneath this world can withstand the Presence of the One. Therefore it is necessary for the hallowed Circle of the One to remain as one flame intact. And those who go out of the way, with their doubts and their fears and their darkness, must indeed go out of the way. For these then become the contamination by their consciousness—the contamination of the Law of the One by the law of duality, which they by their very doubts have espoused. For the doubting of the very living Presence of God is placing oneself in a dual relationship—the lesser self and the Greater Self, and the lesser self doubting the Greater Self.

And so, you see, there is in reality only one Great Self and one Great Heart and one Great Mind, of which we are all a part. This is the Law that you must espouse in the name of the Mother for and on behalf of her children!

Out of this oneness you will form the magnet of community! Out of this oneness you will form, then, the magnet that will draw the children of God from every corner of the earth into the very midst of the living flame![5]


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