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Cosmic law

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The law of correspondence states that the creation corresponds to the Creator, that man corresponds to God. Therefore, the Real Image of man is congruent with his God Source by design, by intent, by Law. The design is one of transcendent cycles, mirrored all the way through the veils of Matter into the coil of the densest atom.

The law of correspondence can also be stated in this manner: things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. For example, if you can establish that you, within yourself, are focusing the Christ consciousness, the same Christ consciousness that was in Jesus, you can say that you are equal to the Christ; Jesus was equal to the Christ; therefore, you are equal to Jesus.

The Hermetic axiom

In the far-distant past, Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, delivered to us the nucleus of the law of cycles—“as Above, so below.”

We still retain what is called “The Emerald Tablet” of Hermes. This short but concise teaching formed the core of the most ancient Masonic orders and schools of the Brotherhood. It begins with these words:

True, without any error;
  certain, very true;
That which is Above,
  is as that which is below;
and that which is below,
  is as That which is Above;
for achieving the Wonders
  of the Universe.[1]

This is the law of analogy, the law of correspondences, and it provides us with the sense of divine order that is indeed the sense of justice.

The intent is for man, the individual, to become a beneficent co-creator with the Godhead, to span cosmic cycles, to be the one who breathes out galactic systems and provides the impulse of coherent love that binds the particulate atoms into a meaningful platform of evolution. The Law is the law of recurrent cycles ever transcending the previous round. The law of transcendence offers us the comfort of the highest hope.

As the cycles of cosmos spiral upward into greater and greater dimensions, so man can forever transcend the veils of Matter that form the schoolrooms for his soul’s evolution. The transcendent teaching of the Christ reveals infinite possibilities for God and man. It destroys the lie of eternal damnation. It opens the door of opportunity for repentance and healing. It is absolute justice in manifestation.


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