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The law of forgiveness is a certain law. It involves two actions: the setting aside of karma so that we may attain to greater light and then face and balance it, as well as the transmutation of karma by the violet flame.

Forgiveness means that through Christ, the personal Mediator, our karma may be set aside until we perform, by our sacred labor, those certain works that build up the momentum of light in our temple and then allow us to be able to challenge and transmute the karma we have made.

Forgiveness and karma

Forgiveness is a law, and by this law, our sins are set aside to give us the opportunity to develop the Christ consciousness. Kuan Yin instructs us:

Training in the law of forgiveness is necessary, for it is indeed the foundation of the Aquarian age.... Forgiveness is not the balancing of karma; it is the setting aside of karma whereby you are given the freedom in renewed creativity to conquer, to go forth, to make things right without that heavy burden, that weight of sin. And when you come to the place where you have further attainment, then, according to the law of forgiveness, that karma that was set aside is returned to you. And in your heightened state of consciousness in the plane of self-mastery, you are quickly able to place in the flame that substance for transmutation and to pursue your high calling.[1]

There is a difference between the forgiveness of sins and their transmutation. Someone may steal your purse and later tell you that he is sorry he took it. You may forgive him, but the matter is not closed, karmically speaking, until he returns that purse to you with every penny intact or makes whatever restitution is necessary. Forgiveness is not the balancing of karma; it is the setting aside of karma whereby you are given the freedom to make things right without that heavy burden of sin.

The action of forgiveness

The foundation of the path of the abundant life or of science is forgiveness. It is the resolution of harmony between every part of God. It is an intense love action of the freedom flame. The energies of the violet flame, the energies of God, are always pulsating, always moving, and they are transmuting the records of the subconscious. Forgiveness is the fulfillment of the law in Isaiah, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”[2]

When we invoke the law of forgiveness, it bursts like fireworks in the aura as violet, purple and pink, dissolving unpleasant conditions in our world. And it begins to intensify until great spheres of energy are going forth from our heart and inundating the world. You may visualize a loved one, a child, a self-styled enemy, a political figure; you may visualize an entire city, the government, the whole nation or the planet within this brilliant sphere of mercy’s flame, becoming the recipient of waves and waves of this wine of forgiveness.

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