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Law of transcendence

The law of cycles implements the law of transcendence. God is a transcendent being, and with each new outbreath he evolves to a greater state of cosmic perfection and beauty.

The law of transcendence offers us the comfort of the highest hope. As the cycles of cosmos spiral upward into greater and greater dimensions, so man can forever transcend the veils of Matter that form the schoolrooms for his soul’s evolution. The transcendent teaching of the Christ reveals infinite possibilities for God and man.

When man returns to God, aligning the energies he has gathered in spirals with the Great Spiral that is God’s Being, both God and man transcend their former state, and the law of cycles implements the law of transcendence. God transcends himself as man transcends himself, for God is in man and man is in God. Through the merging of cycles, man becomes more of God and God becomes more in man; hence new creations are continually being born into spirals that expand the circle of the Infinite One.

The law of transcendence is seen in words of Jesus: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also and greater works shall he do; because I go unto the Father.”[1]

The transcendent nature of God

The ascended masters have explained that although linear patterns correspond with life in a form sense, eternity is made up of recurrent, never-ending cycles. These cycles, or energy-patterns, of which man and the universe are comprised ultimately, become spirals without beginning or ending, wholly constructive and continually ascending. Given these facts, we can draw only one conclusion: Transcendence is the Law of Life, and, in reality, there can be no other.

Imbued with the knowledge of this law, we are no longer startled by the great Truth that even the Divine One, the Almighty Father of us all, is continually transcending himself, spiraling higher and higher into ascending octaves of perfection. This perfection he first involutes within his consciousness and then evolutes into manifestation. And if the Creator himself follows the law of cycles, then man must realize that like Father, like son; it is impossible for him to achieve outside of himself that which he has not first attained within. This is the law of cycles that Archangel Gabriel has explained to us:

Blessed ones, do you see that in the radiant plan of God it is necessary for there to be a progressive expansion from the cosmic origin of things back to the very radiant heart of God? This is in order that the pralayas may manifest, that it may come to pass that in the manvantaras, we may send forth the Cosmic Flame to expand and breathe out the universe in accordance with the ancient vedas. Then, after the grand exhalation has been accomplished, we draw all of that which has been created into a cosmic period of nirvanic rest, in order that a more noble and grand breathing-forth may occur as the expanding universe moveth forth in accordance with the holy will of God.[2]

We may not grasp this principle in its entirety with our finite minds, and this is not necessary, but that which we have gleaned helps us to realize that the nature of God is transcendent. And if this be true, then it follows that the nature of man made in his image is also transcendent.

The transcendent teaching of the Christ reveals infinite possibilities for God and man. It destroys the lie of eternal damnation and opens the door of opportunity for repentance and healing. Truly, man can transcend his former state of consciousness. Forsaking the ways of the flesh, he can embrace the way of the Spirit. Verily, by the Law of Transcendence, the promise is fulfilled, “Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them as white as wool.”[3]

“Thy sins be forgiven thee!” is a practical manifestation of the law of transcendence as it applies to those evolving from a state of imperfection to one of perfection. Forgiveness is diagrammed as an ascending spiral (having a counterclockwise figure-eight pattern) whereby man transcends his former state and realizes the fiat of the LORD, “Behold, I make all things new.”[4]

Since God is ever transcending himself, the patterns in the heavens are without limit, and all can therefore draw upon the Spirit of Universal Creativity to build the kingdom of God on earth. This is Life as it was meant to be; and this is how man can become a co-creator with God even as the promise was made of old to Abraham, “I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore.”[5]

Man must never fear progressive change nor should he spurn the opportunity to transcend himself; for when the Spirit of the LORD bids him rise, he may know that by immutable law the spiral of the God flame has gone before him to carve out the very stones of his own fiery destiny: no lonely path that He Himself has not walked, no seas that He has not charted, no rugged cliff that He has not scaled. Everywhere He has left engrams in the crystals of the elements by which man can decipher and unlock the full potential of his transcendent being.

Opportunity to transcend the former state

The Goddess of Liberty has said:

This law of transcendence decrees that every individual manifestation of the Godhead has the divine right to transcend himself! Understand the meaning of this—that the spiraling flame within you, God ordained, has the right to spiral higher each day. And the soul has the right to decide to identify with that spiral, to become the spiral, and therefore to transcend the former state. This law of transcendence is the very foundation of life, of evolution, of expansion within and expanding universal God consciousness.[6]


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