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Cosmic Law

Cosmic law

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That law which governs mathematically, yet with the spontaneity of mercy’s flame, all manifestation throughout the cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter.

The law of God and the laws of man

The ascended lady master Nada speaks of the law of God and how it is often perverted by the laws of man:

Many thousands of years ago when I was in incarnation on earth, I practiced law as an advocate before the courts on Atlantis on behalf of the children of light. And during my meditations upon the law of God and my ministrations in the temple, I perceived the law of God as the certain defense that the Mother must use to protect her children from the wiles of this world, from the fallen ones who also seek to use the law to their unjust purposes.

And so we come to an age not unlike the one in which I lived to serve the law of our God in the temple and to serve in the outer temple of the people as a practitioner of the law, as a defender of justice, truth, and mercy. We see that civilization has increased, and civilization is like the field of the tares and the wheat that have come full grown. Almost anything under the sun that you would seek you may find in this civilization, whether of God or of mammon, of men or of demons.

We see that the fallen ones have used many avenues to take from the children of God their just portion of the light. We see the usurpation of the law of God by man-made laws that interfere with cosmic justice. We see that these laws and their interpretation in the courts of the world are often in defense of the carnal mind to the exclusion of the defense of the soul in Christ.

I come forth this day as a Mother to call you to also be Mother, to warn you of those things that come to pass in the end of the age of cycles, as these ages are told and foretold by the sons of God on every planet in every system of worlds. In the hour of the fulfillment of cycles, see how the fallen ones will take the law, how they will enact laws that will be unto the death and the destruction of the soul and its place on the path of solar evolution.

You see, then, that when you give your invocations for light, for freedom, for the accessibility of the divine covenants unto the children of God and for the setting of the people of the blessed earth free, sometimes these calls do not manifest because they are prevented from manifesting by man-made laws. And these calls, as it were, are bounced back unto the decreers by those fortresses that men have erected in order to guard the bastion and the citadel not of the Christ but of the children of the wicked and of the children of this world....

I counsel you, then, to form a committee on the law and on the legislature in order to see what laws are being enacted by the Congress of the United States, by the state legislatures, and by the laws that are being enacted in other nations of the world.

For these laws when set in motion are a decree, a man-made decree unto themselves. Like a robot decree, these laws sustain an action that is Antichrist and anti the manifestation of the Word of God until they are challenged, until they are reviewed by the courts and by the people themselves, who must form a mandate of righteousness, a mandate of the Word of God to challenge both the lawmakers and the law interpreters when these are not aligned with the Christ.

Let us make one thing clear: Any law that does not stand in fulfillment of the law of God cannot stand. It is there waiting to be challenged, and any individual son or daughter of God who perceives the injustice and the incongruity of man-made laws—who will challenge in the name of the Christ that law, who will take to the Lords of Karma and draw to our attention the existence of injustice—will have immediate action from the Lords of Karma and from the individual Christ Self....

I am speaking to you of law as the instrument of man’s salvation and law as the instrument of man’s destruction. Law is the sacred energy of the power of God, of his government, of his will, of that energy that comes forth in the original fiat of creation.[1] Law, then, must be respected. For it is the energy and the very sacred fire that is God.

How can you be the advocate with Christ of the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit unto each child of God if you do not know the law? Therefore know the law and study the law—the laws of God and the laws of man. And therefore stand in the place of mediation to see which laws enacted in this plane are in conformity with truth and which laws are a variation from that fundamental truth of life, of being. Laws that must secure mankind’s path of initiation must be enacted, and laws that detract from that path must be challenged.[2]


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