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Detail from an astrological clock, Venice

Astrology is the study of celestial bodies, particularly the sun, moon and the planets of our solar system, and their influence on man. There are a number of conflicting theories that attempt to explain how astrology works. At best, these theories are incomplete. While we may not know exactly how astrology works, we do know why it works: properly understood, astrology accurately predicts your returning karma.

Types of astrology

There are numerous branches of astrology. Natal astrology analyzes the influences of the chart drawn for the moment that you were born. You in your Holy Christ Self, in your I AM Presence under the Lords of Karma and your sponsors picked the hour of your birth as that which was most propitious to bring forth the light of your causal body, the great attainment that you have stored in that sphere in heaven, and the most auspicious time to come forth to defeat the woes of past karma.

Medical astrology is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and healing of physical and mental ailments through the study of the horoscope. Horary astrology attempts to answer questions and forecasts the outcome of events based on a chart drawn for the moment a question is asked or an event takes place. Electional astrology is concerned with finding the best possible moment to start something—a business, a marriage, a journey, a term of office. And mundane astrology (literally, “the astrology of the world”) is the study of the influences of celestial bodies on nations, world leaders and national and international economic trends. The practitioner of mundane astrology evaluates the potential for war and peace, political stability and chaos, economic prosperity and recession.

Using an astrological chart

Your birth chart tells you exactly what positive karma, in the form of talents, attainments and blessings, and what negative karma, in the form of challenges and obstacles, you are bringing with you from your past lives. However, neither astrology nor karma determines your future actions. Astrology tells you what karma you will face day-by-day in this life; you decide what to do about it. Karma predestines you, but your exercise of free will allows you to break the shackles of your karma.

The impact of impending karma can be deterred or diminished by using the science of the spoken Word to direct the mighty light rays of God and the fullness of the Cosmic Christ consciousness into the negative astrological configurations which signaled that karma, thereby transmuting it before it can manifest. Astrological charts also give us the information we need to formulate specific prayers to the ascended masters and angelic hosts, asking them to stand between us and a calamity foreseen.

And so you can call to your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self and to Saint Germain to direct the violet flame into all positive and negative portents of your astrology for the maximum resolution of your karma and the balancing of relationships. And once you get on top of your own world with the violet singing flame, as it is called, you can be God’s instrument to mitigate or entirely transmute world karma.

False astrology and true astrology

Lord Maitreya teaches how we can replace our “false astrology” with the true:

Remember, beloved ones, that until thy karma is ultimately and fully balanced, false astrology and the emanations of the lower spheres of the planets will have their effect upon you unless you insulate yourself by invoking your tube of light and calling to Archangel Michael to cut you free—unless you give your violet flame decrees and challenge the astral forces that enter your worlds through those negative astrological predictions.

And therefore, you should always replace them by the call to the Masters to place their presence and their causal body on your chart and to seal off and bar from your life the astrological signs of those projected negative influences that are actually the harbingers of your returning negative karma.

Karma comes to your doorstep daily by the world’s astrology, the false astrology—false in the sense, therefore, that the Cosmic Christ teaches that you need not reap this karma but you may instead transmute it by the violet flame before it arrives at thy doorstep to the detriment of thy true life plan, deterring the true divine astrology of thy causal body from registering its great positive good in thy life, thereby causing all manner of problems.[1]

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