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The body of First Cause; seven concentric spheres of light and consciousness surrounding the I AM Presence in the planes of Spirit, whose momentums, added to by the Good—the Lord’s Word and Works manifested by the soul in all past lives—are accessible today, moment by moment as we need them. One’s spiritual resources and creativity—talents, graces, gifts and genius, garnered through exemplary service on the seven rays—may be drawn forth from the Causal Body through invocation made to the I AM Presence in the name of the Christ Self.

The causal body is the place where we “lay up treasure in heaven”[1]—the storehouse of every good and perfect thing that is a part of our true identity. In addition, the great spheres of the Causal Body are the dwelling place of the Most High God to which Jesus referred when he said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.... I go to prepare a place for you.... I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I AM [where I, the incarnate Christ, AM in the I AM Presence], there ye may be also.”[2]

The causal body is the mansion, or habitation, of the Spirit of the I AM THAT I AM to which the soul returns through Christ Jesus and the individual Christ Self in the ritual of the ascension. The Causal Body as the star of each man’s individualization of the God Flame was referred to by Paul when he said, “One star differeth from another star in glory.”[3]

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