Etheric body

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One of the four lower bodies of man, corresponding to the fire element and the first quadrant of Matter; called the envelope of the soul, holding the blueprint of the divine plan and the image of Christ-perfection to be outpictured in the world of form. Also called the memory body.

The etheric body is the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies. It contains the records both of your soul’s preexistence in heaven above (stored in your causal body and Christ mind) and of your soul’s experiences in physical embodiment here below (stored in your subconscious, the astral sheath and lower electronic belt).

Whatever the plane of your activities, the memory body contains the Tablets of Mem—the electronic, computerized recordings of all vibrations and energy impulses you have ever sent forth through your soul and its higher and lower vehicles. This life record is written on innumerable discs of light which comprise the changing, evolving identity pattern of the soul merging with the Spirit. It is this life record (the L-field) which determines the patterns which will be outpictured in the three lower vehicles—the mental body, the desire body, and the physical body. (Only the violet flame can permanently alter the effect by thoroughly transmuting the cause.)

Sanat Kumara announced on New Year’s Day 1985 that the earth received a new etheric sheath containing the record and blueprint of the planet’s original divine plan and that the opportunity for the world to renew the golden age had never been greater.[1]

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