Golden age

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A cycle of enlightenment, peace, and harmony wherein the souls of mankind merge in the Christ Flame for the fulfillment of the divine plan “as Above, so below.” Through the convergence of the etheric plane and sheath with the three lower vehicles of the earth body and her evolutions, the heavenly kingdom will come into manifestation on earth as it is even now in the etheric octave.

Past golden ages

The outer memory of past golden ages has long faded in the race consciousness, but the desire of the people for social progress and good government points to the inner memory of souls who know that there is a better way because they have experienced that way firsthand. The records of golden-age civilizations have been buried not only with the continents that sank beneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and with the remains of other civilizations that have been destroyed through cataclysm, but also in the subconscious recesses of all evolving on this planet; in addition, these records have been impressed upon the ethers, upon that substance and dimension known as akasha, where they can be read and studied by the clairvoyant.

The dream of future golden ages

It was the dream of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to create the golden-age society which Plato had dreamed of, Francis Bacon later wrote about and also Thomas More and his Utopia. And we in our childhood dreams have also longed for this ideal society—we speak of the idealism of youth, the reaching out for that which is perhaps unrealistic, impractical, but it is that surge of creative energy that is not yet stagnated, that flow of life—as Above so below. The dream is also recorded in the prophecy of John in the Book of Revelation. “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine in it for the glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb is the light thereof.”[1]

Characteristics of the golden ages

The leaders of the ideal society are priest-king-scientists; for there is no separation between government, science and religion, which are seen as a manifestation of the tripartite flame of power, wisdom and love. Positions of authority in the temples and in governmental, educational and scientific institutions are awarded to those initiates who have passed certain degrees of self-mastery and who are thereby qualified to rule and make decisions on behalf of those still going through the tests and initiations that all must eventually pass in order to win their immortality.

The laws of the ideal society are based on that cosmic law that the Creator put in the “inward parts” of man, carefully wrote in his heart, and then sent his angels to record in the archives of universal Truth. These have been guarded to the present hour in the retreats of the brotherhood of ascended masters who have already passed through this or other planetary schoolrooms.

Those who acknowledge the authority of God over man thus have the right to rule as God’s overmen in the ideal society; and this is the twofold meaning of the word government. Thus, as the Christ is the head of every man and the chief cornerstone in the temple of Being, so is he the head of the ideal society. And whoso embodies the greatest measure of the Christ consciousness is most qualified to rule. Therefore, the manifestation of the Universal Christ is recognized as the highest goal of all members of the society. Without common adherence to that goal, a golden-age civilization cannot endure. Because the people of earth do not presently share this goal, the ideal society does not exist upon the earth today.

The golden age on the etheric plane

If we look up in the sense of looking into the etheric plane, we will find that the golden age as a mandala and as a blueprint for our planet is a reality now. There is a blueprint for a golden age waiting to be fulfilled. We are at that point now where we have a choice as to whether we will we go into a golden age society or will we accelerate the spirals of disintegration, decay, schism that have begun in America and in the world. The teachings of the ascended masters are step-by-step outlining of how we can realize this golden-age consciousness.

Individual golden ages

Golden age of the first three root races



Golden age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis

Golden age of the Snow King and Snow Queen, where Greenland now is

Golden age in the Sahara Desert

Golden age of the Incas

Golden age of Casimir Poseidon, where the Amazon now is

Golden age of Greece

Etheric cities


Violet Planet

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