Golden age in the Sahara Desert

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More than fifty thousand years ago, a golden-age civilization thrived in a fertile country with a semitropical climate where the Sahara Desert now is. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and ruled with supreme justice and wisdom by Saint Germain.

The majority of his subjects retained full, conscious use of the wisdom and power of God. They possessed abilities that today would seem superhuman or miraculous. They knew they were extensions of the Central Sun—Life-streams issuing from the Great Hub of the Spirit/Matter cosmos. For their wise ruler had charted for them on a great mural in the center of the capital city their cosmic history—that they should not forget the Source whence they had come nor their reason for being: To become sun-centers in this distant galaxy they now called home, extensions of the Law of the One. For they were part of an expanding universe. And their sense of co-measurement with the One sustained an ever-present cognition of the I AM THAT I AM.

Saint Germain’s rule

Saint Germain was a master of the ancient wisdom and of the knowledge of the Matter spheres. He ruled by light every area of life; his empire reached a height of beauty, symmetry and perfection unexceeded in the physical octave. Truly the heavenly patterns were outpictured in the crystal chalice of the earth. And elemental life served to maintain the purity of the Matter quadrants.

The people regarded their hierarch as the highest expression of God whom they desired to emulate, and great was their love for his presence. He was the embodiment of the archetype of universal Christhood for that dispensation—to whom they could look as the standard for their own emerging Godhood.

Guy and Edna Ballard (now the ascended masters Godfre and Lotus) and their son, Donald, were embodied as the children of Saint Germain. Under his enlightened reign, the entire civilization knew an era of peace, abundance, and accomplishment in commerce, education, and the arts and sciences. No government since that time has even approached the achievements of this divinely directed administration.

For hundreds of years, harmony among peoples was the law of the land without the need for enforcement by any armed forces. The authority of the affairs of state was vested in fourteen ascended masters, two governing on each of the seven rays of the Christ light, with fourteen lesser masters in charge of the seven departments of government.

Gold was in widespread use among the people for its vitalizing energy and its purifying and balancing electronic force. It was never hoarded but widely distributed because, as precipitated sunlight, its radiant energy served to purify and elevate the spiritual consciousness of the people and balance the natural forces of the earth.

Many of the more advanced souls had full conscious use of the powers vested in them as sons of God, and they were able to directly precipitate gold and precious jewels in large quantities for use as focuses of light.

Decline of the age

However, a portion of the people gradually became more interested in the gratification of the outer senses than in fulfilling the divine plan of the golden age, causing them to lose their powers of God-mastery. The king was instructed by the Ancient of Days to give a banquet and to announce his decision to withdraw.

The banquet was held in the capital City of the Sun, named after the divine memory of these lifestreams that they had descended from the Central Sun. He was accompanied by his children. And after a meal which was served that had been entirely precipitated, a great cosmic Master spoke out of the Silence and addressed the entire assembly.

The master warned them of the dire consequences of turning away from the great God Source to satiate the endless desires of the outer self and prophesied that the empire would disintegrate unless the people returned to the worship of the light within and obeyed the Law of the One—love.

Then he gave them a vision of their returning karma personified.

A visiting prince approaches your borders. He will enter this city seeking the daughter of your king. You will come under the rule of this prince but the recognition of your mistake will be futile. Nothing can avail, for the royal family will be drawn into the protection and care of those whose power and authority are of God, and against whom no human desire can ever prevail. These are the Great Ascended Masters of Light from the Golden Etheric City over this land. Here your ruler and his beloved children will abide for a cycle of time.[1]

The king and his children withdrew seven days later to the “Golden Etheric City of Light.” The visiting prince arrived the next day, and took over without opposition. Without the sponsorship of the ascended masters the empire gradually declined. Two thousand years later when the empire had become barren and desolate, a great cataclysm ensued, creating an inland sea that submerged the land. After twelve thousand years another earth change drained the land, and later a portion of it became the present Sahara Desert.

The ancient golden age and the destiny of America

Today the people of that ancient civilization have reembodied in America. As a nation they are destined to rise once again, to recognize the Real Self within, and to reestablish a great spiritual culture under the tutelage and leadership of their king, Saint Germain, and the fourteen ascended masters who today govern the destiny of America.


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