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Gold in a quartz matrix, from the Idarado Mine, Telluride, Colorado

Gold is precipitated sunlight; the lodestone of Alpha and Omega; a reminder to every child of God of the great throne room that is white and gold in the Great Central Sun.

The God of Gold explains the meaning and importance of gold:

The term golden age did not derive from nothing. Golden age means an age based upon the gold standard—the standard of the gold of the Christ consciousness, of the golden rule, of gold as precipitated sunlight for the balance of the mind and the emotions and the flow of life even in the physical temple.

Gold, beloved ones, is necessary for the stability of consciousness as well as for the stability of the economies of the nations. Unless there be a certain portion of gold even in the body temple, the balance of the elements is not held.[1] When the people no longer hold gold in their possession or wear gold, there is far greater mental and emotional disturbance.

Gold is the lodestone of Alpha and Omega. It is a reminder to every child of God, at the soul level, of the great throne of grace, of the great throne room that is white and gold in the Great Central Sun. It is from this room that souls of light took leave of the octaves of Spirit, descending in the planes of Mater.

It was my commission from Alpha and Omega aeons and aeons ago to establish the focuses of gold in the Matter planes among the galaxies and, thus, to teach elemental life (under the four hierarchies and through the Elohim) how the balance of forces in the four planes of Mater would be anchored through the magnetic quality of this precipitated sunlight. Thus the elementals learned to precipitate gold. And thus gold does grow in the earth, veins expand; and this balancing of energy corresponds directly, first of all, to the blueprint of the Christ consciousness of the evolutions of earth or of a system of worlds and, then, to that which has been outpictured through the threefold flame.

That which is the gold in circulation represents attainment in the outer. Gold that remains undiscovered represents that portion of potential of the Christ mind which remains to be brought forth. You cannot have a demonstration of light and of the consciousness of the Christ without a corresponding manifestation of gold in your world....

A personal gold standard

Now, beloved ones, I recommend to you, all of you, that you reestablish your personal economy on the gold standard, that you take from one-half to one percent of your monthly earnings and transfer this into gold. It may require the savings of several months or longer, but it is necessary that there be a steady transfer of at least one percent of your energy as supply into gold as a matrix, as a focal point. And it would be well that some of this be worn upon your physical body and that the remainder be placed in a well-secured place.

Your body temples must become adjusted to the vibrations of gold. Your children must become adjusted to its vibrations. And therefore it is well that they will carry the medallion of beloved Mother Mary of the Miraculous Medal, which focuses not only the gold of my consciousness but the Mother consciousness of gold in her protection and in the Electronic Presence of the Virgin Mother, whose golden consciousness was able to receive the Divine Manchild. And through this gold, you see, we anchor the immaculate conception of the Cosmic Virgin whereby your children and you yourselves may receive within your heart flame the true birth of the Divine Manchild, the Christ consciousness in this age.

Beloved ones, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. And therefore, the nonattachment to the coin of the realm is absolutely necessary. You must see it as an instrument and as an alchemical formula. You must see, beloved ones, that this energy—when it is in flow, when it passes hand to hand, when it is part of the movement of commerce—does regulate that commerce intrinsically within itself. Is this not a wondrous discovery, to realize that the cosmic law of supply and demand actually works itself out in the economies of the nations through the free flow of gold itself? Can you imagine if mankind knew this key and were able to accept it free from superstition?

Gold, in fact, is a talisman of the Great Central Sun. And therefore, when you give and receive in gold, you cannot misqualify that gold with greed, because gold resists the vibration of greed, whereas you take the paper money and the copper and the nickel coins, and you find that even silver itself is able to retain a vibration of greed. But not gold, beloved ones. It repels it instantaneously and, therefore, retains that purity of the Goddess of Purity, focused by her, that comes from Alpha and Omega. And therefore, there is an upward spiral in the consciousness, and gold becomes an instrument of the soul liberation of a planet and a people.

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The God of Gold with God Tabor, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 23. and Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 24., December 1 and 15, 2010.


The God of Gold with God Tabor, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 23. and Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 24., December 1 and 15, 2010.

  1. The average human body contains about 0.23 milligrams of gold, enough to form a cube about 0.22 mm in dimension.