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A talisman is something like a charm or a religious focus that bears in itself some power in excess of the substance out of which it is created.

Spirit and Matter

A talisman is a coordinate of energy. Energy arcs from Spirit to Matter and it goes to the coordinate, and there is a release of energy through the coordinate.

For instance, one could ascribe to a crucifix the focus and the power of the living Christ. One could wear it in the firm belief that where there is the image of Jesus Christ on the cross, there is focused the power of his body and his blood and his redemptive gift in the crucifixion.

Jewels may be a focus for a flame because they have a certain geometry. Not every jewel is a focus for a flame, because the flame is a gift of God and a jewel has to be charged by a master or by someone’s God-consciousness before it becomes a focal point for Light.

A statue or image of a master may also be a talisman. The science of talismanic magic does not say that there is an intrinsic power within the gold of a statue or the paper on which the image of a master is produced. There is a power if an ascended being or a Son of God has determined to endow that focus with power.

If the master chooses, he may use his photograph to radiate light. And if there is a chela who is receptive, if a believer is present, we find the two halves of the divine magnet that must always be present for the divine light to flow—the Alpha and the Omega. When these are present, we experience miracles of transmutation.

Talismans in the four lower bodies

A talisman is usually something physical that we retain as a focus or as a symbol, but a talisman can be in any plane of the four quadrants.

An etheric talisman could be a blueprint, a pattern, a memory, an idea, or a geometric form. The ascended masters key our consciousness into things that take place in the realm of Spirit by relating them to the mundane, to things that go on in this world. They talk about a sunset, they talk about the stars, seeds, snowflakes. We think of a snowflake and we transcend the snowflake and we go into the realm of Spirit.

Mental talismans are more along the line of facts and figures. How old are you? What is your name? Where were you born? What is your astrology? These mental ideational patterns are mental talismans, points of reference.

Emotional talismans are the keynotes of emotional experiences, which are also coordinated with memories. For instance, the experience of love that you have shared with someone might be accompanied by the memory of a sunset, or a soft breeze, or the ocean. The memory of great trauma might be accompanied by the remembrance of the room where it happened or the color of the room or the darkness of the day or the remembrance of rain falling. If you’ve experienced great grief during a snowfall, the memory of that grief will be triggered in you in every other snowfall for some time.

Talismans of negative energy

In these three quadrants there are talismans of the energy veil that reinforce the energy veil as well as talismans that reinforce the realm of Spirit. These coordinates then become like a sieve or like a colander with holes in it. Energy comes through it like water and it comes out the holes. In the same way that water comes out as a star, a circle, or whatever the manufacturer decided to put as a pattern in a colander, energy gets poured through us like water and it comes out according to the patterns within us.

Hopefully it comes out as a beautiful, symmetrical spray of rainbow colors, of clear crystal fire, because the coordinates within us that it passes through are only that which is pure and perfect. For this to happen,we must call for the transmutation of all else. One of the great goals for students of the ascended masters is the removal of coordinates or talismans that are placed there by foreign forces, that do not have their origin in the Christ, and that will, if unchecked, continue to qualify energy negatively until they are removed. These include specifically hex and curse patterns from many previous lives that can rest on the chakras, rest in the organs, and remain as patterns in the etheric body.

The Miraculous Medal

Main article: Miraculous Medal

One particular talisman that has been recommended by the ascended masters is the Miraculous Medal. Mother Mary appeared to a nun in France in 1830 and revealed the design for this medal. She wanted the devout to have a focus in physical matter that would carry the power of her Electronic Presence in a certain mode—extending the gift of miracles, and miracles are the gift of transmutation. Every miracle comes about in life through transmutation, through mercy’s flame.

The ultimate talisman

The ultimate talisman is you. The ultimate talisman is the image of the Christ in your heart, the secret man of the heart. Your real living talisman is your own Christ Self, and as you believe in that Christ Self as the ultimate manifestation of your being, that belief itself provides the anchoring point in your soul. And your soul, by the flame of mercy, is the reflecting pool of the ultimate talisman that anyone can have, which is the personal Christ Self and the threefold flame.

God knows this, and this is why God has endowed us with the image. We are made after the image of Christ. You are made in the image of God. That image is Christ in the secret chamber of your heart. And that image is repeated in the DNA chain, so that those who have the seed of Christ might transfer to their offspring, physically, that same Christ image.

The soul could not rise to the level of Christhood without having the exact positive of which it can become the negative image. The fact that there is a talisman, and the fact that you have a soul which is plastic, which is the pool, which is the water, and the image is the fire, means that you can repeat the image in Matter perfectly, and when you do, there is no longer any reason for separation—the “I” and “thou” being one. The image of Christ and the soul who has reflected that image fuse. And it is the fusion of fire and water, and thereby you are born of the Spirit. So the image of Christ in you is the ultimate talisman.

The science of talismanic magic

Sanat Kumara has spoken of the science of talismanic magic:

Cosmic crystallography is revealed within you now. A talisman from on high will explain to you the meaning of talismanic magic so that you may exert dominion over it.

Here, then, is the law of symbols. Listen well, and learn that which I tonight would tell. Cosmic symbols, universal hieroglyphs are old, geometrics formed of old by the Mind of God. These magnificent patterns, pure light revealed, have concealed within their infinite patterns the joy of fohat—energy, infinite energy, blue lightning, Divine Love, bursts of cosmic joy that enable men to rule and not to fool one another, to rule themselves by cosmic law, to keep them from being placed upon the shelves of uselessness and to bring them to the point where they can understand the ancient hieroglyphs.

And so these geometric forms, beloved ones, are magnificent cosmic laws twisted, not as a pretzel but in perfect symmetry into patterns of universal power. But here is the beauty of it all, which I reveal this hour: These magnificent macrocosmic patterns, larger than the world, can be shrunk and carefully concealed within the crystal structure of your bones or the cells within your brain. And they can be sorted out from all the diverse patterns of human doubt and confusion (the negatives of the world) that can also be concealed within the crystal structure of your being as an electron of calcium, an electron of any substance, any one of the elements you know.

The tremendous flow of the electron can be affected, then, by the symbol’s pattern, lord within its domain. For just as suns and sun planes are controlled by God’s own thought and the symbols he has wrought, so the world itself, your world, each cell, each pattern, each tiny electron has its own engrammatic pattern. And in the seed atom of the heart there is a central controlling factor that will impart the perfect, balanced governorship of your entire physical body, your physicality in manifestation.

As in the realm of the physical, so in the realm of the mind. The divine intelligence you call your own, that which you borrowed from on high and have endowed little by little with the grasp of infinite Law, is also subject to the lion’s paw of cosmic dominion by cosmic symbology, by the understanding of talismanic magic, by the understanding of Cosmic Law.

Egyptian obelisk in Central Park, New York City
Egyptian obelisk on the Thames Embankment, London. Both obelisks are colloquially known as Cleopatra’s Needle.

Some of you are aware of the fact that many years ago in ancient Egypt your beloved El Morya did erect at Faiyum, at Lake Moeris, two mighty obelisks and charge them with talismanic magic to connect the little space of Lake Moeris. Then, when they were excavated and moved, one to Central Park in New York and the other to ... London, behold, the larger body of the Atlantic Ocean stood between them. Yet the talismans contained within those obelisks continued to function, and so the airy realm of Atlantis-Atlantic was once again bridged by the selfsame thought in symbol form that Morya wrought in that age at Faiyum long ago.

And thus, you see, talismanic magic is of use and value when it is understood and when its symbology does not become a means to a modern Robin Hood or some form of debauchery practiced on the children of men, some form of black magic come to earth once again.

Not at all, this is not our thought. For we would guide the race away from that pace and point them to the light. The light enables men to understand how to use the Law aright for their freedom and the power of the flame, so that it can descend and shape them for the higher game that they can win.

We are concerned, then, that every one should understand that light is the power to overcome sin and stain, to erase all records you have written, for which you are to blame. We are concerned with the erasure of those records, with their transmutation, with their adjustment, with their removal, with the invaluable drawing forth from within you of these engrams of light from on high.

For we know that when you draw these engrams of beauty from our world, from Venus, and the color rays are reborn upon the planetary body, those emanations will pour forth through your flesh forms, through your minds, through your spirits to encourage you to understand that you do not have to think in terms of a dense physical body composed of elements of masonry and marble. [Instead] you can consider yourselves to be cosmic, airy beings—beings who have the power to understand the spaces in your own personal togetherness, to understand that in those spaces within, you can create the cosmic engrams of fire that enable you to use the fohat of the Most High God to create cosmic desires in action in the world of form.

The misuse of talismanic magic

Sanat Kumara continues:

Talismanic magic has been practiced in the wrong way, and the dark ones of the world have used that power to instill once again into recalcitrant men a continuation of the downhill slide that long ago did wreak havoc on old Atlantis and did destroy integrity on Mu. We are interested once again, then, in you and you and you, bringing you to that realm where you can understand the message of the Ancient of Days, where you can understand that God would raise every living soul into the beauteous power of cosmic dominion.

When you understand talismanic magic, you will also understand how it is being used today in the world of form. Each symbolic outpicturing of psychedelics manifesting in the world today, together with the misuse of color, is an abortion of the pure color ray that we on Venus would bestow upon the earth—this beautiful planet that we love, our Terra.

We of Hesper, then, would create new worth in men, a sense of cosmic architecture, noble, grand, and then would build each soul in this fair land to understand the need to be an architect of freedom in the world.

But what will you make yourself free from?

From all of the negative energy in the world that has been sustained by the dark ones. They have created it. They sustain it and they have spread their symbology in psychedelic art all over the world and are promoting it now even in your television programs so that commercial advertisers also seek to bring these psychedelic swirls, these reverse spirals, these awful manifestations into being because they are a form of talismanic magic.

Avoid them as the plague. Simply to gaze on them has a tendency to bring you into that activity. It opens up Pandora’s box into the psychic realms of horror. It creates and recreates abortions of the Cosmic Law. It enslaves the world and seeks to keep men underneath the paw of the ape, of ape creations, of slave creations, of darkness, of blackness, of density and of violations of the Law. In the name of freedom they seek this awful thing and manifest the strangeness of the sting of human horror and its creative manifestation.

We would free the world tonight from that blight, that bane. Tonight we would invoke our flame into the world order to seal the door where evil dwells, to put the stone of the Christ over that opening and say, “Never shalt thou be anymore. Retreat into your caves of darkness and horror, into your material realm where you will be consumed. For the atoms of light substance within you must be released by the fiat that rolled away the stone on Resurrection Day!”

[Resurrection] energy is a timeless energy of regeneration. And when light is called back to the heart of God, as does happen at the end of a cycle, I want you to know that there will be a moment of great atomic explosion within this netherworld of confusion. And it will roll all together in a fiery ball of awful destruction, consuming those wrong shapes and hieroglyphs of sin and calling them back once again to the Central Sun, their energy to be repolarized by the light emanations of universal purpose—one for all, for all time to come.[1]

Foci of talismanic magic in the world

God Meru explains certain facets of the use of talismanic magic in the world:

The talisman that everyone has is the talisman of the flame within the heart. But the purpose of that talisman is to enable men to magnetize and draw forth those other hidden foci within the earth at various locations on the planetary body, in the Grand Teton ranges in Wyoming, in other places throughout the land, even including that magnificent Cleopatra’s needle which is in Central Park in New York City, and other places throughout the world which are known to those of you who have received instruction on it. I shall not list it at this moment.

Therefore, I call to your outer attention that there are places on the earth which you can visit either physically or through the power of the Spirit and make contact with the God-foci of talismanic magic which has been placed there by the Ascended Masters and enable you to add to the size and intensity of the God Flame of illumination within yourself. This, of course, may explain to some of you why Pythagoras and others saw to it that their students did travel at various times throughout the world.

You will understand, then, why Marco Polo traveled also in pursuit of holy wisdom, which is not always generated within the hearts of people but is sometimes imprisoned within the secrets of the earth itself. This is a cosmic archaeology! And it is based upon the concept of the Lord Christ, which he uttered in secret and yet was printed openly, saying, “And if these should hold their peace, the very stones would cry out.”[2]

Let men understand, then, that within the substance of rock and within the substance of mountainous areas and trees, growing things, minerals, and many of the various artifacts of civilization are to be found radiating centers of great God-design. You can understand radioactivity. You can understand the power of the atom and the electron. But can you understand that God, who has myriad secrets never yet vouchsafed to ordinary men, has been able, through the hands of those angels whom he has sent forth from higher domains and those sons of heaven and sons of God that walked the earth, to plant talismans throughout the earth that would preserve that message of Divine Love and Light for all ages that would enable men to be as they never were before because they had come in contact with those talismans of light which were placed here in a position of intense action to assist mankind in finding their freedom.

Yet I tell you your freedom is not to be found in the outer realm but in the inner. And the talismanic flame that is within your own heart and the energy that beats your heart can assist you, as a lodestone, to direct you to that specific spot where the radiating power of the Christ and the Holy Spirit is locked in a more than ordinary focus, helping you to establish in yourself, in your own consciousness, in the domain of your own holy reason a similar action of the talisman so that you will become a moving talisman, a mobile manifestation of light to all with whom you come in contact.[3]


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