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Gold in a quartz matrix, from the Idarado Mine, Telluride, Colorado

The God of Gold appears in a blazing golden light, with rays of fiery gold coming forth from his head and hands. The emanation of his aura and of his heart flame is a dazzling white light, almost too brilliant to gaze upon. He serves with God Tabor, the God of Nature, the Maha Chohan and the hierarchs of the four elements to precipitate or reduce the rate of frequency of the electronic substance from the sun, drawing it into manifestation in the earth as gold.

The God of Gold, in magnetizing the currents of the sun and directing these into the earth, maintains the most active and brilliant attunement with Helios and Vesta of all those serving the nature kingdom. Having served for many centuries on the ray of purity, the God of Gold elected to amplify the golden radiance of the sun that he had contacted through his devotion to purity. Today he bears witness to the purity and illumination from the heart of the sun. These rays he directs as a vivifying and purifying action through the metal that he precipitates.

Because gold is essential to the balance of the light in nature and in man, the God of Gold holds a very important position in hierarchy. Gold is intended to be the standard of exchange throughout the earth; but because mankind have hoarded and abused it, the masters have not revealed the wealth of gold that is hidden in the earth. The wealthiest mines that the world has ever known will be opened up as the golden age dawns and the governments of the nations return to the gold standard and a sound fiscal policy based on the golden rule.

In every civilization where gold was in circulation as the medium of exchange and worn by all the people, there was a corresponding attainment of great illumination, abundance, health and self-mastery. (The custom of using gold as an adornment in primitive tribes comes down to them from the ancient civilizations of which they are the last remnant.)

The replacement of gold by silver and more common metals, and finally the substitution of paper as the medium of exchange, is a plot of the manipulators to magnetize people’s consciousness to the lower vibrations of these metals and to deprive them of the benign, healthful and stimulating qualities of gold.

The spiritual significance of gold

The God of Gold has explained:

The action of the God of Gold is the instantaneous precipitation of the mind of God through the alchemy of the emerald and crystal ray. Thus, the second and the fifth rays[1] become twin flames for the precipitation of God’s will as the flow of supply and demand, which, from this night forward, we direct that children of God must demand as the abundance of God upon earth.... All of life—as a flow of energy, of commerce, of interchange and of consciousness—depends upon the proper working of that supply and the medium of exchange in the economies of the nations.

The term golden age did not derive from nothing. Golden age means an age based upon the gold standard, the standard of the gold of the Christ consciousness, of the golden rule, of gold as precipitated sunlight for the balance of the mind and the emotions and the flow of life even in the physical temple. Gold, beloved ones, is necessary for the stability of consciousness as well as for the stability of the economies of the nations. Unless there be a certain portion of gold even in the temple, the balance of the elements is not held. When the people no longer hold gold in their possession or wear gold, there is far greater mental and emotional disturbance.

Gold is the lodestone of Alpha and Omega. It is a reminder to every child of God at the soul level of the great throne of grace, of the great throne room that is white and gold in the Great Central Sun. It is from this room that souls of light took leave of the octaves of Spirit, descending into the planes of Mater.

It was my commission from Alpha and Omega aeons and aeons ago to establish the focuses of gold in the Matter planes among the galaxies and thus to teach elemental life under the four hierarchies and through the Elohim how the balance of forces in the four planes of Mater would be anchored through the magnetic quality of this precipitated sunlight. Thus, the elementals learned to precipitate gold. And thus, gold does grow in the earth. Veins expand, and this balancing of energy corresponds directly to, first of all, the blueprint of the Christ consciousness of the evolutions of earth or of a system of worlds and then to that which has been outpictured through the threefold flame.

That which is the gold in circulation represents attainment in the outer. Gold that remains undiscovered represents that portion of potential of the Christ mind that remains to be brought forth. You cannot have a demonstration of light and of the consciousness of the Christ without a corresponding manifestation of gold in your world.[2]

The masters have advised that we should all have some gold upon our person at all times to magnetize the fire of the sun. They have also asked us to call to the God of Nature and the God of Gold, as well as to Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty, to restore the free flow of gold coins throughout the world.

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  1. i.e., the ray of wisdom (yellow, gold) and the ray of truth, science, abundance (emerald and crystal).
  2. The God of Gold with God Tabor, “The Flow of Energy in the City Foursquare: Children of God, Demand and Supply the Abundance of the Mother!” October 10, 1977.