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The first three root races were lifewaves who came forth as Spirit-sparks from the Great Central Sun and whose souls descended into form for the purpose of gaining self-mastery in time and space, where they were destined to manifest in denser spheres the immaculate concept of the Real Image locked within their beings by the Almighty Logoi. During three golden ages, these lifewaves lived in purity and innocence—innocence of harm and selfish motivation, innocence of duality and carnal desire, innocence of the synthetic consciousness and its energy veil.

The evolution of life in the Motherland (Lemuria) and her colonies represented the initial thrust of Spirit into Matter on this planet. Here, where the early root races completed the cycles of their divine plan during not one but several golden ages that reached their apex prior to the Fall of man, the masculine ray (the descending spirals of Spirit) was realized through the feminine ray (the ascending spirals of Matter) in the world of form.

The races and the rays

As the members of the first root race completed their individual plan and began to ascend, they assumed the positions in Hierarchy to reinforce the momentums gathered below in the creative scheme above. Retreats and focuses of the Great White Brotherhood were gradually established as members of the first root race arose to fill the positions necessary for an ever-expanding and transcending magnetization of light upon the planetary body.

In the early days of the first root race, the Royal Teton Retreat was opened as the home of the Manu and the focus of the seven beloved archangels and their complements, who had also anchored their flames across the planetary body.

The forcefields of the Elohim were likewise intact as the chakras of the earth, which was then transparent crystal, reflecting the seven rays as a replica of the causal body. The rays of Alpha and Omega at the North and South Poles held the earth in perfect balance.

The seven root races destined to embody upon this planet come forth in the order of the seven rays. Thus the first root race laid the foundation of the Law, the will of God and the perfect divine plan for all who were to follow thereafter.

After the first root race completed its divine plan and ascended back to the heart of God, the second root race came forth in the same manner as the first, building on the pattern already established. Fulfilling the second ray of divine illumination, the members of this root race added to the pattern what they had been trained to outpicture in the yellow sphere of the Great Causal Body of God. The third root race then came forth, fulfilling the third ray of divine love, and returned to the heart of God. Thus the threefold flame action was complete.

The absence of evil

The total absence of the element of evil within these golden ages did not lessen the variety and spice of life! On the contrary, the activities and creative opportunities of these evolutions were heightened by the infinite variegation and shadings of Truth and the unlimited potential for scientific discovery and artistic expression inherent within the Real Image, to which all had direct access. The challenge of initiation in the cosmic order of Hierarchy kept millions happily spiraling up the ladder of greater and greater self-mastery, each step unfolding new worlds to conquer. When God made man and the universe, he did not include evil as essential to the plan, as a necessary backdrop for Good.

Under the tutelage of cosmic beings and the Manus of their races, these civilizations reflected the highest cultural and scientific standards upheld in the City Foursquare. The joy that quickens with individual self-mastery, the freedom that comes with dominion over the elements as the result of the disciplines of the laws of God—these qualities were recognized by all as essential ingredients of their universal destiny.

Brave souls in a brave new world saw their beginning and their end, their origin and their ultimate, to be the manifestation of the Universal Christ. Thus they strove to magnify the light of the eternal Christos each day throughout the cycles of their sojourn in the dimensions of Matter; they understood the meaning of the “testing of the mettle,” and they were willing to prove their proficiency in precipitation of the arts and sciences, of the handiworks of God. They knew that thereby they would earn the right to expand their dominion in the domain of Spirit, ultimately attaining their immortal freedom and proceeding on to higher worlds in the endless opportunities of the Father’s many mansions.

These citizens of earth never lost sight of the vision of their Reality. They saw the Christ in one another and loved all with whom they shared the goal of becoming more of God. They loved a man for his intrinsic worth and the unique design of his lifestream even before the God-idea matured.

These three golden ages existed before the Fall of man, which is presented allegorically in the account of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis. Prior to his descent into the consciousness of duality and into the sense of sin and separation from his Source, man’s attention and hence his energies were God-centered: his life was God’s life, and by the intelligent use of free will, he dedicated God’s energies to the lowering of the patterns made in the heavens into the patterns made in the earth. The covenants between God and man had not been broken; therefore, as man surrendered his all to God, God surrendered his all to him. Truly, this was the perfect balance between the Macrocosm and the microcosm: as Above, so below.

The golden-age family

The family, embodying the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the basic unit of the divine society. In the early golden ages the father held the focus of the Spirit of God, of his authority and Fatherhood over all. The mother as the homemaker held the focus of the Holy Spirit and its descent into Matter, kindling the heavenly energies of AUM. Eve, the mother of all living, was designed to be the perfect expression of the Motherhood of God.

Through the loving union of father-mother flames, the body temples of descending souls were formed, and the Christ flame was nourished in the sons and daughters of God. This trinity of faith (Father), hope (Son), and charity (Holy Spirit) that begins at home is the foundation for all that is built in the ideal society and in every golden age, where life is a joyous unfoldment of the God flame within the heart of each Spirit-spark, each flame a spiral rising and undulating to blend with the sweet mysteries of life.

Government in the ideal society

Government and education in the ideal society are instruments for the development of the individual potential of man in harmony with all members of the community. All institutions, public and private, stress the unity of life through its triune aspects of faith, hope and charity, embraced as the power, wisdom and love of God. Here the Trinity in action and a striving for excellency in all things are the motivating forces.

The leaders of the ideal society are priest-king-scientists; for there is no separation between government, science and religion, which are seen as a manifestation of the tripartite flame of power, wisdom and love. Positions of authority in the temples and in governmental, educational and scientific institutions are awarded to those initiates who have passed certain degrees of self-mastery and who are thereby qualified to rule and make decisions on behalf of those still going through the tests and initiations that all must eventually pass in order to win their immortality.

The most advanced initiate within a golden age civilization who masters these three branches of cosmic law becomes the ruling authority for the planet under the ascended masters and cosmic beings who have charge of the planet at inner levels. He is the pillar who stands at the nexus of the figure eight because he has mastered his own world and taken dominion over the earth; for him the microcosm is the planetary body and the Macrocosm is the entire cosmos. (Thus we see that whatever portion of God’s energy man masters becomes his microcosm, and he becomes centered as the God Presence of that world.) His consciousness is the Super Ego, the Christ personified on behalf of billions of lifestreams who have not yet evolved to the point of complete manifest action of their own Christ-potential. Through his consciousness flow the energies from the heart of the Sun; and he holds the balance of power, wisdom and love for all evolving on the planet as they outpicture the cosmic blueprint of the City Foursquare.

Holding this office, he is responsible for teaching the people likewise to attune with the flow of energy from the one great Source of Life. Being a master of cycles and of the very rhythm of the universe, he teaches them how to govern the ebb and flow of energy within their individual forcefields, gradually to transfer this mastery over the individual microcosm to mastery over the planetary microcosm, and finally to identify with the Macrocosm through the interchange of energies—as Above, so below.

The total identification of the ruler with his Real Self is the basis of his mastery, won over long periods of study and application of the laws of the universe. To him the people give obeisance as the highest living expression of the Deity; for to them he is the will, wisdom and love of God incarnate.

Those who acknowledge the authority of God over man thus have the right to rule as God’s overmen in the ideal society; and this is the twofold meaning of the word government. Whoso embodies the greatest measure of the Christ consciousness is most qualified to rule. Therefore, the manifestation of the Universal Christ is recognized as the highest goal of all members of the society. Without common adherence to that goal, a golden age civilization cannot endure. Because the people of earth do not presently share this goal, the ideal society does not exist upon the earth today.


In golden age societies, souls newly come into the world of form go through a very exacting program of discipline and education. In early years they are taught the rudimentary science of the psyche, how to develop their senses to contact physical and metaphysical dimensions of Reality, and how to expand the faculties of the soul to probe cosmos through nature. They are taught communion with all life through the focusing of their attention within the heart and establishing an arc to the heart of all things living, to the hearts of plants and trees and flowers, the very elements and the fiery core of the atom.

The mastery of levitation, precipitation and the science of alchemy are also part of the curriculum in the early years of soul development. Higher education is based on a series of initiations leading to cosmic mastery whereby individuals then qualify for positions in government, science, education and temple service.

In the ideal society the concept of unreality is taught in allegory, since the evolving souls have no direct experience with the synthetic image that is produced when man lowers his gaze from perfection to imperfection. Thus a study of cosmic history is required, and the akashic records of other systems of worlds are carefully reviewed. The initial causes and the far-reaching consequences of individual and collective failure to uphold the standard of unity on other planets afforded ample proof to those evolving in the first three golden ages as to why they should use their free will to invoke the will of God and his kingdom come upon earth.

Life in the golden age

During the first three golden ages before man’s departure from innocence, the crystal cord was nine feet in diameter, and the threefold flame enveloped his form. Man’s source of energy was literally unlimited, and his Christ consciousness was all-enfolding.

The powers wielded by those lifestreams who were the first to walk upon the virgin soil of Terra, who never knew the feeling of limitation or struggle or even the burden of a dense, physical form such as we now wear, would be considered miraculous by those whose memory scans only the relatively short period in which the planet has been immersed in a synthetic civilization and consciousness. Souls sustained life in one body for as long as a thousand years; and when they reembodied, they retained the memory and faculties of former lives, including the mastery they had attained.

During these three golden ages man talked freely with his God and associated intimately with angels and elementals; communion with all life was unrestrained, and cooperation between angels, elementals and men was unspoiled. To man was given the assignment of overseeing the creation and working with God to execute the divine plan—to design, to invent and to direct. To the elementals, the builders of form, was given the important task of bringing into manifestation the intents of God and man. And to the angels was given the holy ordination of ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of both men and elementals.

The entire planet was a veritable Garden of Eden, and man ate every fruit and herb that was charged by nature’s helpers with the essence of the immortal Spirit to energize and revivify his mind and form. As the ground was transparent like crystal, the rays from the sun in the center of the earth glowed softly beneath man’s feet. During the period of rest when the souls of men, together with their lower vehicles, were recharged for another round of service, there was an ever-present radiance from the white-fire core like an aurora borealis. Thus total darkness was unknown, and evil as the energy veil was no more real than a fairy tale.

To the Almighty man gave the glory for each accomplishment. The Sun that ruled the day was the focus of his adoration, symbol of the unfoldment of the only begotten Son of God, whose promise would be fulfilled in each one. The stars defined intervals of time and space and were the giant reflectors of man’s blissful adoration of the One Supreme Being. Crystal coordinates marking his courses past, present and future, they magnified his mystical feelings of heavenly joy that rippled across the antahkarana of cosmos.

The cult of the Mother

The cult of the Mother, destined to come into prominence in the twentieth century, was the foundation of the civilization of Lemuria. In the main temple of Mu, the flame of the Divine Mother was enshrined as the coordinate of the flame of the Divine Father focused in the Golden City of the Sun. Perpetuating the ancient rituals of invocation to the Logos and intonation of sacred sounds and mantras of the Word, priests and priestesses of the sacred fire held the balance of cosmic forces on behalf of the lifewaves of the planet.

Throughout the far-flung colonies of Mu, replicas of the temple and its flame-focus were established as shrines of the Virgin consciousness, thereby creating between the earth and the sun an arc of light, anchored in the flame below and the flame above, which conveyed the energies of the Logos necessary for the precipitation of form and substance in the planes of Matter.

Far beyond our own meager accomplishments, the great advances in technology made during centuries of continuous culture on Mu were brought forth through a universal at-one-ment with the Divine Mother, whose consciousness embraces the laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane.

The accomplishments in every field of endeavor of a people dedicated to the plan of God revealed through his All-Seeing Eye show to what heights a civilization can rise when the Mother flame is honored and adored in every heart and guarded and expanded in shrines dedicated to her name. And it becomes clear that man’s fall from grace was, in actuality, the result of his falling away from the cult of the Mother and his misuse of the energies of the seed atom focused in the base-of-the-spine chakra, which establishes the light of the Mother flame in the physical body.

The record in akasha

The perfection of these first three golden ages is recorded in akasha upon the planetary body, and the full-gathered momentum of these Sons and Daughters of God, all now cosmic beings, can be invoked on behalf of the victory of the four remaining root races who are to fulfill their destiny upon this planet. The magnetic forcefield of all that they attained is still anchored within the etheric body of the earth, waiting to be invoked.

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