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Aerial view of Greenland

The Snow King and Snow Queen ruled an ancient golden age civilization where Greenland now is. They are twin flames who represented the Father-Mother principle as rulers of that civilization that reached its height long before the Ice Age.

Gautama Buddha has spoken of the Snow King and Queen:

These twin flames once ruled an ancient civilization, tropical in nature, that was where Greenland is today and covered a good part of the North Pole. Blessed ones, when the ages changed and the inversions took place, thus they were remembered for the end of their period as the Snow King and the Snow Queen.

Thus, you understand how the white-fire light may also descend, and that which was once green and lush and beautiful as a Garden of Eden, even as a Lemurian paradise, might be covered over with a white-fire/blue-fire energy of the sun. And thus, the age of snow comes as a purification of the etheric plane, purifying even the physical body and preparing once again for a new order.

Thus, all things in their cycles have a cosmic purpose. And that which was once snow may blossom again and become the pink and the gold and the violet hues and the azure blue and the light of many worlds twinkling, sparkling in tropical waters that show all manner of opportunity of life forms moving toward the sun.[1]

Their “cosmic snow”

In 1979, the Elohim Purity and Astrea spoke of their service:

The mighty Snow King and Queen, who keep the flame of crystalline purity from the North unto the South Pole and hold the balance of Alpha and Omega, now hold in the earth the blanketing of white light wherever our chelas are present. Therefore, the mighty light of God does now release its rays. And we are blessed to have begun with you this day a twenty-four-hour cycle from midnight unto midnight when all of the hosts of heaven are gathered, garlanding the earth with white flowers of every sort—roses and lilies, lilies of the valley and gardenia, the jasmine light.[2]

The Snow King and Queen work with the beings of the elements to hold the balance in nature and in the four lower bodies of the planet. Their “snow” glistens with the radiance sometimes of pink, sometimes gold, sometimes blue, violet or green, depending on the action they desire to accomplish through purity’s focuses on this planet.

They are cosmic beings of great attainment and stature, having great love for the evolutions whom they serve. Theirs is a tremendous momentum of purity that may be invoked to blanket an entire area with a dazzling white radiance of purity’s flame. This blanket may be used to stay the hand of riot, war, oppression, revolution and the uncontrolled masses. Their focus of purity often manifests as physical snow.

Sanat Kumara speaks of the “cosmic snow” they release:

May I introduce the twin flames, the mighty Snow King and the Snow Queen, whose Light has graced in ancient time the land known as Greenland, beloved ones. And thus they ruled there in an era when all was tropical and beautiful, and therefore the name remained.

Beloved hearts, dwelling in the white fire core of the holy purpose of this ancient civilization, these twin flames release in this hour the light of a cosmic snow which comes upon earth as a cloud of infinite energy such as you call forth according to the alchemy and ritual of Saint Germain.

Therefore, beloved, know that this light of cosmic snow has the same absorptive quality of the cloud of infinite energy. It comes to earth, then, in a release of light, clearing the debris for the descent further and further into the physical octave of the etheric body of Light, the swaddling garment given to earth thirteen months ago.[3]

Blessed ones, this cosmic snow is to absorb ten thousand times the weight of each particle in human creation and substance of the astral plane. Such is the quality of this light. Throughout the world, then, a new purity of light goes forth and a clearing action that comes in answer to your calls to the violet flame.[4]


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