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During the height of the Atlantean empire, Casimir Poseidon ruled over major colony located in the Amazon Valley of South America.

The figure of the powerful Greek god Poseidon comes down to us from the memory of Casimir Poseidon. Poseidon, the brother of Zeus, was once the second-greatest Greek god. He was often shown holding a trident. Poseidon was known as the god of earthquakes and the god of the sea, who both caused and calmed storms. Among his titles were: “earth-shaker,” “embracer of the earth,” “loud-booming,” and “god of security.”

The capital city of Casimir Poseidon’s empire was located near the juncture of the Madeira and Amazon Rivers, which at that time were at an altitude of 5,000 feet and in a semitropical climate. The plan of the city was in a series of concentric rings that formed “beltways” three miles apart with connecting streets raying from the center.

At its peak, about 12,000 years ago, the citizens of this golden-age civilization attained great mastery over the sciences of metallurgy, chemistry and mining and were even able to precipitate their own food. Casimir Poseidon, already then an ascended master, led his people in the ways of God. Among his profound instructions he gave them the motto, “Learn to love to do well, and you shall!”

For approximately two thousand years, the citizens of Poseidonis followed his advice, for they greatly loved their ruler who epitomized the beauty of their racial characteristics: tall in stature, golden-haired, blue-violet eyes, light complexion. Gradually, however, the people turned from the light into paths of selfishness.

The fall of the golden age

In his dictations, Casimir Poseidon has described what became of that civilization. On March 11, 1973, he said:

Long ago I represented humanity as the keystone in the arch of a transitional period. That period was also marked by impending cataclysm due to humanity’s grave disobedience to the mighty laws of life, their extreme selfishness, their stubbornness, and their total rejection of the plan of God. They had their warning, for I stood in their midst to prophesy to them. I warned the people that if they did not give glory unto the Lord for every accomplishment of science and culture, the light would recede, the masters would withdraw, civilization would go down and cataclysm would ensue. They received this warning many, many years before the Lords of Karma allowed their karma to descend.

The people chose to forsake the Light, for they were very confident in the development of their carnal minds. As this occurred, the Brotherhood withdrew its support; and after a final warning of what would be the outcome if they continued to ignore the laws of God, Casimir Poseidon and a handful of followers left the country and came to what is now the western United States. Within five years the entire continent of Meru (now South America) rolled to the east and submerged the eastern coast, bringing to an end the once proud civilization.

In a dictation given October 5, 1975, Casimir Poseidon explained that this civilization declined because the people “did not give the glory unto the Lord for every accomplishment of science and culture.” Before it was destroyed by cataclysm, he and a band of disciples “withdrew to North America to seal that light, to seal the scrolls of that culture in a place, the point of a pyramid now located in Colorado. And we anchored there the records of the ancient civilization. After we withdrew, there was the heaving of the continent of South America. The land became inundated with water for thousands of years before the receding of that water. Today there is still the jungle and the very wet climate, as that land is adjusting to the karmic cycles that passed over it in ancient times.”

His mission today

For many thousands of years, his memory was only kept alive in South America by the Indian legend of a fair ruler who would one day return. Now Casimir Poseidon, with the assistance of the God and Goddess Meru, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain and others, has once again come forth to guide the people of North and South America into a golden age.

On December 29, 1996, Casimir Poseidon told us to “think big” when it comes to stopping cataclysm. He said:

Cataclysm in the world is not always necessary and in many instances can be easily mitigated because people are at peace with themselves and can send forth light rays to hold the balance for the earth. They are almost as laser beams going into your bodies and into the heart of the earth.

As you stand in the earth and you plant your feet there, you shall be for this community and for the ascended masters and for the Great White Brotherhood pillars of fire in the earth. God has given into your keeping and into your trust this balancing action.... Now is the time to go about thinking big—big as Elohim! And see what you can do to stop or mitigate planetary cataclysm.[1]

Casimir Poseidon said that we could mitigate potential earth changes by devoting ourselves to “decree work and service to God.”

Students can amplify his radiation by playing the music of “Indian Love Call.”

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