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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being. He says, “I am known as the Great Divine Director because I have merged my consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God’s divine plan for untold universes of light.” His causal body is a giant blue sphere that surrounds the entire planet. Within that sphere, there are grids and forcefields through which the delivery of the judgment shall pass.

He long ago passed those initiations that placed him at cosmic levels of service and qualified him to become the manu of the seventh root race. A manu of a root race is the lawgiver who sets the divine plan for an entire evolution. The manu embodies the archetype for an entire lifewave of souls who will incarnate on earth at a certain period—the Divine Image and likeness out of which they are made and the pattern of their destiny. The seventh root race is destined to embody first in South America under the Great Divine Director.

His service in past ages

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, while Noah was yet building his ark and warning the people of the great Flood to come, the Great Divine Director called Saint Germain and a few faithful priests to transport the flame of freedom from the Temple of Purification to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania. Here they carried on the sacred ritual of expanding the fires of freedom even while mankind’s karma was being exacted by divine decree.

In succeeding embodiments, Saint Germain and his followers, under the guidance of the Great Divine Director, rediscovered the flame and continued to guard the shrine. Later, the Great Divine Director, assisted by his disciple, established a retreat at the site of the flame and founded the House of Rakoczy, the royal house of Hungary. Because of his association with the House of Rakoczy, the Great Divine Director bears the appellation Master R—the “R” signifying Rakoczy.

His service today

El Morya tells us that the Great Divine Director has sponsored Europe for thousands of years. He is the teacher of Saint Germain and many other masters including Jesus and El Morya.

The Great Divine Director is a member of the Darjeeling Council and also a member of the Karmic Board, serving that body on the first ray of God’s holy will. He also occupies the twelve o’clock line of the twelve solar hierarchies on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system, serving with the hierarchy of Capricorn to assist mankind in the overcoming of their human creation.

Invoking his assistance

He is often depicted with a large blue belt, hung with dazzling blue jewels, with dazzling light rays emanating from his heart, throat and head. These light rays are very powerful. When you give the decree to the Great Divine Director, you can tie into those light rays and his protection. He will place his blue belt around you at the etheric level for the protection of your chakras and will help you bring forth your divine plan.

The Great Divine Director administers the use of the Disc of Light that focuses the whirling action of the violet flame. As the disc of fire rotates at the speed of light in a clockwise direction, it draws into its center the misqualified substance in the electronic belt and in the four lower bodies. You may visualize this disc of light as a giant electric sanding machine, emitting sparks of light as it whirls and creating a vortex that draws into itself all substance requiring transmutation.

Divine direction is a state of consciousness in God. It is the perfect awareness of his plan for all life. Ultimately, this awareness contains within itself not only the direction but its logical conclusion in action-fulfillment. Long ago, before our souls were reckoning with being God, an initiate of the Solar Lords perceived the need of lifewaves here below to know the plan and to proceed with unerring direction from the Polestar of Being to complete the plan as blueprint-matrix, as thought conceptualized, as motive and willingness engendering momentum for completion, as Mater-realization, physical fulfillment, the completion of a cycle. His name, too, became secondary to the flame he adored.

And so, the nameless one worshiping God as the law of unerring direction came to be known as the Great Divine Director, because, through adoration, he became the adored and then the adorable one. And then, the office in cosmic hierarchy, the Great Divine Director, became his God-identity.

The Great Divine Director has authored a series of Pearls of Wisdom, called “The Mechanization Concept,”[1] to help us understand the challenges of Armageddon. The “Rakoczy March” by Franz Liszt was inspired from his causal body.

Ganesha and the Great Divine Director

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The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being noted by his great causal body, in which he ensouls the memory, the blueprint, the mind of God for all evolutions of this outbreath of the Godhead. In the ascended masters’ lexicon and understanding, we speak of the Great Divine Director. In Hinduism, they speak of Ganesha. When you meditate upon both vibrations, you find that they are like two parts of a whole.

Meditation on Ganesha leads you to this infinite storehouse of the blueprint of the mind of God. When you contact that blueprint, you have contacted the core spiral of energy that must be released out of the nucleus of the atom of your own I AM Presence for you to begin whatever project you are beginning in the service of God. You can make the same contact through the ascended master the Great Divine Director, who himself, as you might say, becomes Ganesha, becomes that mind, that cosmic computer.


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The Great Divine Director continues to maintain in the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania a focus of freedom for Eastern and Western Europe. The retreat was once physical but is now in the etheric plane.

In addition to the Rakoczy Mansion, he maintains a focus in the Cave of Light in India, where he uses his authority to purify the four lower bodies of advanced initiates of their remaining karma and to give them purified vehicles to render a cosmic service in the world of form prior to their ascension.

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