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To transmute is to alter in form, appearance or nature, especially to change something into a higher form. The term transmutation was used by alchemists who attempted to transmute base metals into gold, separating the “subtle” from the “gross” by means of heat. For ancient and medieval alchemists, the real purpose of alchemical transmutation was spiritual transformation.

That is precisely what the violet flame does for us. When we diligently invoke it through heartfelt prayer, the violet flame consumes the “gross” elements of our negative karma and activates the “subtle,” spiritual part of us that is native to our soul.

The violet flame can literally consume the debris around our chakras. Using the violet flame is like soaking your chakras in a chemical solution that dissolves, layer by layer, the negative karmic substance that has been trapped there for perhaps thousands of years.

Saint Germain teaches the accelerated path of transmutation of karma by the violet flame of the Holy Spirit and the transcending of the rounds of rebirth through the path of individual Christhood leading to the ascension demonstrated by Jesus.

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