Divine plan

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The plan of God for the soul’s individualization of the God Flame ordained in the beginning when the blueprint of life was impressed upon the white fire core of the individual I AM Presence. It runs as a thread through all lifetimes. The divine plan determines the limits of the individual expression of free will.

As the acorn is destined to be the oak, so each individual soul is destined to realize the fullness of his preordained (but not predestined) potential drawn by free will from the Tree of Life—the I AM Presence and the causal body. What that potential is and how it is to be self-realized in this life is known of God and can be released to the outer consciousness through application to the individual Christ Self, the I AM Presence, and the Great Divine Director.

On February 26, 1976, Lanello said:

Let us trust in the Lord and in his plan.... With joy, then, look to each today and each tomorrow for the unveiling of a facet of the divine plan. But do not demand to see more than you ought to see; for in that seeing, you might conceive that God is a God of predestination and that you do not have to earn the light, the grace. And thereby you might find yourself lacking in that ultimate determination, that striving for perfection, that preparation for the last quarter mile of the race when all of your strength and your wind and your love and your heart must be put into the final thrust for the victory ... of your ascension.


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